Sarah Mclachlan “afterglow Live”

I bought the new Sarah Mclachlan’s Afterglow Live DVD a few month ago. I decided to watch it yesterday. Sarah’s folk rock music has affected me and touched my inner soul when I listened to it. All the songs and lyrics were all written by her; her melancholic voice and her eyes in the performance told you many stories from her music. Somehow, and I didn’t know why, her music made me cry a little. It’s silly that every song caused this to happen. I figure out maybe the reason – tears for her music, tears for the music stealing my heart, tears for being her audience.

Sarah said in her concert that at the moment she was married and had a little girl that it was a big change for her and also her music; then she decided to write a love song and for the first time in her career she wrote a happy one. Sarah’s lyric all are written about: fear, inner struggle, mystery, blues, sweet and bitter about love and her attitude to life. If you are a fan of Sarah then you know her lyrics and musical style. I remember I found Sarah’s music when the movie “City of Angels” came out in 1998. Sarah’s “Angel” was written for this movie. Since that, I have listened to “Angel” at least a hundred times, and I even sang it once in my school life.

I listen to her music when I need a moment alone or need inspiration. I don’t think her music will be popular once and then disappear afterwards. Her music is not like flowers, which look nice in the golden time and their transient beauty declines in the blink of an eye. I would say her music is art, immortality and I am never-tired of enjoying her creation. She doesn’t publish many albums, but every one is the distillation of her soul. She always has a way to perform the same song with various styles to challenge her. Her performances are fantastic and worthy of a ticket to her concert.

What can I say, I love her music. As Sarah says, some inspiration doesn’t come out easily and naturally. It’s full of work.

I like to write a poem for Sarah’s music, taken from the great poet John Keats:

To music—
Art is immortal beauty is truth, truth beauty. That’s all.

Welcome to visit her website: Sarah McClachlan and her space

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