The Tudors


The Tudors was first presented by Showtime in 2007, and they are back again this year for season 2. Along with Dexter they are producing my favourite TV programs. It is a historical fictional drama about the early reign of the King of England Henry VIII. Henry VIII was famous because he overthrew the Roman Catholic Church so that he could marry Anne Boleyn, and then continued on to marry a total of six times.

In the TV series Henry VIII is played by super handsome Jonathan Rhys Meyers . Along with being very handsome, Jonathan plays the part of Henry perfectly, and makes the series especially compelling.

The first series finished in 2007 and now the BBC is presenting season 2 in HD now – fantastic! 2 thumbs up!

The Tudors 是关于15世纪亨利八世的历史故事,我只记得当我们在学历史的时候,亨利八世为了娶安.波林而推翻天主教罗马教会,这也是英国社会在当时一个重要的转折点,还有他因结了6次婚和推行宗教改革而在英国史上出名了。