1920 Jazz & Lifestyle Fascination

As my fascination of the Favourite Work of Art in Victoria period, I am also fascinated about 1920’s fashion and music. I always imagine what was the life style, fashion and music to be like when I am listening songs from Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra or Peggy Lee?

Fashion in 1920

Fashion is 1920 was a new revolution for women. Women had their right to vote, and before the first World War people lived in middle class with leisure, luxury, and happy life. The images in my head, women had bobbed hair, fine make-up, red lips with knee length and thin sparkle jewellery on their dresses. The silk delicate fabric, feather fascinator clip, or long pearl necklaces and cloche hats. It was so classic and elegant. It was a romantic era for fashion, which is why people look back at it with great fondness and still emulate it’s style.. That some of the people called 1920 was a golden age.

Music in 1920

Music is 1920 Because of the middle class life style in 1920, that is why some of the songs had written in those days had portrayed in a romantic happy life. Jazz was very popular in middle of 1920. Blues, Ragtime and Broadway musicals were in that era. In my head, it always appears cocktails, knee length dress, people dancing (like the song ‘Check to Check’) Jazz live in the background, champaign, smoke in the pub.  I will never feel tired of the classic jazz songs!

I love to go back to live for a while in that era and experience the life and music in 1920. Let’s sway with music and dance together. It will be the end of the post of my 2009. I wish we will have more great music and fashion that it will last as long as the 1920 did.

(Miwa and us will be seeing fireworks and count down 2009 in London Eye tomorrow night, I am very looking to forwards to seeing fireworks and enjoy the crowed.)

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