Killer Jerk Chicken with Rice & been

I always try to make some good quality food at the weekend. Followed Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes meal’s book, I tried to make ‘Killer Jerk Chicken‘ with kidney bean rice, salad, lime coriander yogurt sauce, and BBQ sweet corn this time. I like Jamaica or Caribbean food – all about spice and different flavours.

It was not really difficult to make, and it was really delicious. I am sure if I can make it, anyone can as well. I think the kidney been or black been rice was so delicious. I always know about normal rice, but with little bit herb and spice, the rice was so full of flavour and alive – absolutely delicious.

Served with my favourite Hoegaarden cold beer, happy day ever!

2 thoughts on “Killer Jerk Chicken with Rice & been

  1. Hello. This is Daphne from Fujian Province. I found you by QQ, then visited your qzone & Micro-blog, finally I clicked your link. I spent time on your pictures and diaries. I really appreciated because I also the one who loves western culture. I have saved your page, hope you will share us more about your life in Britain. Thank you. 🙂

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