Hache burger in Camden

Camden is famous for food and night life. Our house is literately 10 minutes to Camden Town. When I discover Hache Burger, I asked John to try it on Saturday. It said it’s the best burger in London. Although they only got 2 branches in London – one is Camden, and other one is in Chelsea. It also said that it went to Gordon Ramsay’s ‘F world’ restaurant, so it must be good.

The restaurant was not that big, but the décor is stylish and tasteful. I ordered a lamb burger with Onion Rings. John order a beef burger in Milano style with chunky fries. Mine was perfect cook and the meat was lamb shoulder meat. You really could taste the quality of the meat. John told me that he really enjoyed the beef and tasted good quality beef as well.

Overall, it was truly good and £10 for a burger was not extravagant at all if comes a good burger. I also saw the menu that you also can order duck breast burger – unusual, but I will try next time. Rating: 5 out of 5.

The two profile pictures were from their office website and one was from my iphone.

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