Music inspires my thoughts


Speaking of music I do admit music infects my soul, my blood and every cell in my body. When I listen the music especially Jazz, I can’t help myself indulging myself in music. It feels like the virus that it has invaded my mind and stroked my nerve to follow its melody and rhythm. I imagine the wind rustling through the grass, and the birds are singing, as well as the cycle of the seasons and the alternation of night and day are changing. I felt into my imagination and the flashback, and I feel I could visualize the future.

Sometimes I am such a romantic idealist and maybe I have too much energy and enthusiasm and wish I can experience all in the world. Music inspires me into various things in my life. When I listen to music, I always sink into profound thoughts.

Although human being’s hearts are fragile, their wills can be strong and tough. Life is about contradiction.

Who was the first create music? Thanks all the composers create such beautiful melody. They make rhythmical composition in the sequence of the musical phrase rather than in the sequence of a metronome. I can not imagine if I live without music, it will be like a fish without of water. I may say: I got a “FEVER” of music today. like the Jazz song ” fever”.

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