A London Day Trip to show my friend


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Living and working in London for few years now and sometimes it is still amazed me how great London is, and how charming this city is. Some of the historical buildings were built in hundred years old, or maybe even … Continue reading

Red wine, Autumn leaves and Jazz night!


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An Autumn weekend A glass of red wine on the table Making a good Autumn stew Playing Jazz from the distance ‘The falling leaves, drift by the windows’ Singing by Nat King Cole… The violin is playing from the song … Continue reading

Guangzhou – Too Much Fun

Guangzhou - too much fun

Back to Guangzhou

I was so looking forward back to China. There are two things I have to do; one is to eat a lot of chinese food, and to see my friends. I arrived on Thursday night after 12 hours plane plus 3 hours couch from HK airport, but I was still very excited to meet Casper and Shine. They have been waiting for me at ‘Uncle’ which is a HK canteen style restaurant to have dinner with me. However, I was not aware of Yuki and other friends had booked a table to welcome me. At the end, I hanged out with all my friends at my first night.

The whole Guangzhou trip was so busy that I didn’t have time to feel jet-leg. First day, I had dimsum with my ex-colleagues, and went to visit their new office. It did feel weird, and felt like I had never left before. Anyway, it’s so good to see them again.

Then friends had arranged a trip to Yangjiang at the weekend. We were so lucky to eat a lot of seafood which just caught from the ocean. After dinner, we went to have firework on the beach, then ate again. Thanks Jenie’s husband for their hospitality, so that we ate, slept and entertained well. It was a unforgettable journey.

The rest days in Guangzhou I ate with friends and went to foot / body massages basically every night. It wasn’t enough to spend one week in Guangzhou, then I have to back to Shantou to see my family.

It’s hard to say goodbye to my Guangzhou friends! I wish I could be here forever.




接下来的每天都是朋友请我吃饭,按摩,吃点心。这次再和啊娜见了面,她真客气,还请了我们吃顿1千多的饭,谢谢她的有心!我的广州之旅真是奢侈和开心。我真的要谢谢所有广州的朋友们,爱你们在心口难开啊,没有你们,就没有我今天的开心。 实在不舍得和你们说再见,不过我会再回去和你们见面的。等我喔!

Exciting going back to China

back to China

Since 08/08/2008 last year till today 09/09/2009, I have been away from China and my friends for over 1 year. It seems very long, but it also feels like just yesterday. I guess I could not adjust the weather when I am back to Guangzhou. The weather here in London is perfect temperature about 19-25 degrees, however, Guangzhou is about 35 degrees and very humid. Then I properly will spend one week to adjust the jet-leg.

All these things do not matter when I think of meeting friends, eating delicious food and spending time with my niece and family. The joy will be overcome the bad sides. Yuki and other friends plan to drive to Yangjiang and eat seafood there at the weekend I arrive. On one hand, I can’t wait flying on Tuesday. On the other hand, I do feel sad that John could not join me back to China this time, maybe we will be back during the Chinese New year Next year!

One sad thing is that sister told me Mum has rented out our old house. It means that the house where I had spent 20 years is gone – my white cat, my usual place, and everything. Although the house is old and small, it contains all the memories of my childhood, friends who came to visit, and normal life. I know that sooner or later it will need to be re-decorate it, or sell it, but I will miss it so much!

Anyway, see you soon, my friends! Thanks Trini of her bubble tea and Shantou pictures!



但这些都不要紧,一想到见到老朋友和吃很多中餐,海鲜及最重要是见我姐的女儿,从她出生到现在1年了,我很想念希希!Yuki 已经安排好到达的周末去阳江吃海鲜!我太兴奋了。下周二就飞,但我又舍不得约翰一个人在伦敦,可惜他不能请假太久回去,过年我们再一起回去吧。

一个很伤心的消息,老姐告诉我我家的老房子租给别人了,老房子储存了我20年生活的点滴 - 从小学到中专,朋友来来回回去我家作客,老家虽旧,但很多朋友都感觉是他们的另一个窝。我可怜的白猫,很多角落的点滴,回忆就这样很快消失了。其实我知道老家需要重新专修或租出去的,只是时间问题,我会想念它的!


Farewell dinner with colleagues

Farewell dinner

Colleagues decided to eat in a really nice Italian restaurant near Oxford street. It properly was not the last dinner with my them, but I am glad that I got alone very well with most of the colleagues after 2 months and a half working in the company. Even though most of my colleagues are younger, crazier than me, they are smart and awesome.

It’s hard always to say goodbye to people, even though you know some of them you might not see them anymore in your life. It is nice to meet new people and share experience with them. This is life, people come and people go.

Thanks my friends and colleagues. Life is dull without their existence.

同事们说一起去吃意大利菜,虽然我知道这不是我们的大家的最后一餐,以后大家还会经常联系。还是感到十分开心在公司工作了2个多月,认识了这么多位不同国际的好朋友 - 他们虽都年轻和疯狂过我,但大家相处下来还是十分愉快的。人和人的缘分是很难说的,有些和你超好,很喜欢你,但有些只是路过而已。




Summer has gone and now it is Autumn! I have noticed that people have changed in autumn clothes, wearing sunglass and having a suntan! I need to apologies to all my friends that I haven’t been updating my blog for sometimes. I have been so busy on Octorber, such as wedding, birthdays and parties, but I had a fantastic time with friends.

Recently, I try to get used to the new job as well as the new colleagues. Another good news is that eventually I am able to get my university degree certificate regardless how hard I worked for it. However, I still need to work hard on my English by reading more novels or practice more. I am glad that I am making progress slowly in my life.

I am trying my best to be a good colleague, good girlfriend, good friend, good daughter (sometimes I’m not good enough at all), good charming Carmen…

Sensibility – 感悟





昨盼雨, 为何迟迟不来,

2003年自己的诗集 – 是我写给我曾经很爱的人,现在打这首诗歌的时候我还记得我在半夜躺在床上写的,虽过3年多,但还是历历在目啊。但望故人在他乡安好。虽爱得很深,伤得很深,一切都随风而去了,留下的只是回忆。人永远向前看,往前走,在你生命中有很多过客,有缘分,也要惜缘,缘分已到,强求也没有用,人生苦短,开心才是最重要的,我老和朋友讲,一加一一定要等于二,所以两个人在一起,要等于2份开心,不然,何苦在一起呢?我相信每个人总有一个真正属于他/她的另一半。

Breaking Tradition


More people are getting married during ages between 22 to 25 in Shantou. Like my Mum usual told a girl that when she is under 25, she can choose what man she wants to marry, because men are prefer young girls generally. However, it is a tradition that women reply on men and being passive. It is like hundreds years ago in the West, and it still exists that women grow up as a passive images to be chosen by men. As silly as my Mum, they don’t see women as intelligent as men, as long as women can find a good husband.

Nowadays, female have equal education and occupation choices and they don’t have to reply on searching men to get married because they are ‘young’. On the opposite, there are many failure marriages because of marrying too young or married the wrong one. When they are young, they have not experience enough and made a rush choice to be with someone. People should know whether they have ability to create a new family. It does exist that people are too young to marry a wrong one. Of course I also see many people had their happy marriages. I do think women are smart and capable to choose what they want, and whether they want to marry or not, regardless the age issues or social pressure either judgement.

Different people have different ideas about the issue. despite age or gender issues, this is about breaking tradition. It’s different valuation to choose. if something you choose for sure, keep walking on to search your happiness without complaining because it is your choice.

The reason inspired me to write this article is the movie Mona Lisa Smile which showed women were try to break through the tradition. The main character was a teacher, and her personality was influenced her female students. Instead of getting married after graduation, the female students can do whatever they want to achieve in their life, not just focus on marriage. Ideally we hope women can be a good wife and be successful in their career as well.






Black and White


You might think “black and white” party? No, there is an interesting topic about different about complexion in China and the West.

My western friends keep asking me “ why the Chinese always like taking the umbrella wherever sunshine is coming out?” people like be tanned or have a brown skin in the west. On the opposite, people in mainland China prefer their skin to look very white even like pale. There are several reasons for that. The big reason for white skin because Chinese men like women to look white. If women look white, it means they are week and innocent and men can protect them. The others reason is that white skin means they are rich, dark skin means they are working outdoors all the time, not an properly ladies.

However, in the west, people like to be tanned a lot and it represents healthy and fashion. It means people have more time for outdoors or on holidays and it is a rich symbol.

The same thought has appeared in most cultures. Hundreds of years ago it was a sign of beauty in Europe for a woman to be white, and this was for the exact same reasons: being white implied you were not working class, being dark implied you were a worker. At that time women used to apply all sorts of dangerous chemicals to their face to make it whiter. Queen Elizabeth I is famous for wearing lead powder, a chemical that we now know as being toxic to humans.

I’m sure the same will happen in China and over time having a tan will be a sign of wealth.





Be A Wise Man


When I saw the TV or magazines sometimes, I always feel curious that what are the real age of all the celebrities? We know age for women is a secret and can not be asked or mentioned. Age is like a scar because no one wants to get old or leave a trace in your face. However, age is also a proof of being an adult and writing down experiences. People always can tell from thoughts to know the age without being asked. Maybe we are too scared to have birthdays in our generation because it means more responsible for life, even time is passing without our notice.

Some people link the age with death and it is a taboo to think of death, but actually there is nothing to afraid of when you face it with a good attitude, but life is too short to let us experience more, and I don’t want to live forever!

We never feel old in our heart and be more optimistic, be more generous, be more open-minded, be happier, treat ourselves better and enjoy the life with passion then we never feel old. Look at some celebrities like Michael Vartan who is already 41 from TV series ALIAS; see Sarah Jessica Parker who is already 40 or Madona who is over 45, but they still look fabulous. You might think they are celebrities and wear a lot of make-up, the point is that it’s an attitude to life. I wish I would look fabulous when I were 40 with a lot of smiles still, just like my Mum.

Let us be a wise man.