James Blunt–Back to Bedlem

Jame Blunt has seemingly come from nowhere to scale the heights of both the album and the singles charts and it’s easy to see why. Singing with genuine conviction and wearing his heart on his sleeve, his songs of love and loss, expertly written and delicately produced, have struck a chord with everyone who has more than an ounce of emotion.

I found his voice is so special, like Chris of Coldplay. But his music is different from Coldplay or Keane. He got his style, and I really like his album.He is a young gifted singer-songwriter described by Q Magazine as ‘A major talent in waiting’The whole world is having a James Blunt storm…I saw his ” You are beautiful” MTV and it’s nice video to watch and sad story backgroud that he died in the end. He is genius in music…I really appreciate all the people repect MUSIC.

“You’re Beautiful” and ” Out of my mind” “Wiseman” ,”No Bravery” ,”High” ,” Tears and rain” so many songs and lyrics I do like. I can’t find his album in China yet. My friend will buy for me in HMV soon. I am expecting to listen whole album.

His website design is really fascinating and simple. Every page got different colour and design and also has James Blunt’s BLOG.

3 thoughts on “James Blunt–Back to Bedlem

  1. I love “You’re Beautiful”!! 🙂

    Yeah, I think you couldn’t find James’ site because you searched for “Blunk” instead of “Blunt” 🙂

    I got here from the Urban Giraffe theme page where I read about your hard work localizing it into Chinese 🙂 Thanks for the effort!

  2. God.I am so stupid to die. It’s so funny that why I can’t find anything about Jame’s blunt information due to I didn’t pay an attention at all. The more ridiculous is James’ pictures just in front of me.
    But anyway. I have to change the information. Thanks Sally and Min. I would like to share with you guys more about new stuff. Hope you guys come here and talk more.

    Dear min,
    Thanks for visiting here. I clicked your link but it doesn’t work, and I just saw tatatee.com. Nice to have you here.

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