The Cranberries in Hammersmith Apollo


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I booked to see The Cranberries long time ago and they rescheduled in October. I used to listen all their albums when I was in teenage. I remember my sister and I love them so much. Back to 10 years … Continue reading

The XX

John introduced me that there is a really young band and they got an alternative album called the XX. I listened few times, and I really like it. It’s like an unknown underground band, but they are very talented and creative. Really like their album. Good simple alternative music. High Recommend. You can hear them in their MySpace.

Broken Bells

Like the Band of Horses, I have never heard the Broken Bells before, until I watched TV series ‘Chuck’ last episode in season 3, and since listening this album over and over again, I really love it. The famous song is ‘ The High Road’ but I love all the songs in the album. It is label in Spotify with one my my favourite bands Mew, and no wonder I like their style, just not as rock as Mew.

It’s worth mentioning that ‘The Ghost inside’ sounds like from The Dandy Warhols album  – The Dandy Warhols are Sound

I highly recommend this one, 4 of 5 stars. Currently, they are performing in London this month, shame that we are not in London.

You can listen their album in their MySpace or Spotify

All About Music – Alternative Rock

More new music

The Temper Trap

I always love to add new music into my Ipod. An Alternative band from Australia called The Temper Trap’s ‘ Condition’ is absolutely delightful to listen. The famous song ‘ Sweet Disposition’ is so hit and become the sound of 2009 according to BBC. When I listened their first song, I thought it is definitely a British Rock band, surprisingly they are from Australia. Also, They became so famous because this amazing album in the UK, then well-known in Australia afterwards.

Every single song in the Album are my favourite.

Green Day

We haven’t heard Greenday releasing new albums for such a long time. Even though I am not a huge Greenday fan, the new album called 21st Century Breakdown is fantastic. The album is not only random music, but actually tell a story. It is divided into three acts, each loosely following a young couple, Christian and Gloria, as they’re confronted with a manipulative, authoritative culture according from Culturebully. Would it be great that when you’re listening songs, you can imagine a movie?

It seems they wrote many songs for Heroes and Soldiers. I still love some of their songs, and never feel tired of them. Some of their songs always make me feel sad –  I call it as the rebellious sadness.

There are many favourite pieces in the album:

  • 21 Guns
  • !Viva La Gloria!
  • Peacemaker
  • ?Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
  • Restless Heart Syndrome


Great news that Muse released the New album called ” The Resistance” in September. It is more alternative + classical music combination. Great album and I’ve been listening since Sept.

They are all on the tour. Muse and Green day’s gigs are so expensive (£50), and also performed in O2 and Wembley stadium –  too big! We saw Muse in HK, and it was great, same price but you can see them so clear. However, they are too big in the UK, I don’t think they will perform in a small concert then. Pity!

I can’t wait to go to see MEW’s concert next week. One privilege living in London is to see many concerts regardless singers are superb or unnoticeable.

Keane–Under The Iron Sea

Everyone is excited about Keane’s new album due to their successful last album (Hopes & Fears), which was a big hit. I gave the album Hopes and Fears 4.5 out of 5 as it was a near-perfect album, with every song being immediatley likable. This one I give 4 stars, as it takes longer for you to like certain songs. However, there are still many songs that stand out, with my favourites being:

  • “Nothing in my way”
  • “Crystal ball”
  • “Hamburg song”
  • “Try again”
  • “Broken Toy”
  • “The Frog Prince”

经过Keane 上张专集《希望与恐惧》大热之后,喜欢Keane 的音乐的朋友都纷纷期待这张新的专集《在铁海之下》,风格还是Keane的英伦格调。这张前个星期听后,让我需要多点时间去慢慢投入音乐的铁海中,要反复去听才深深的喜欢上这张碟,不像上张,一听钟情;上张我给4. 5星,铁海这张我给4星。大家可以买来听听,有什么感受我们都可以在这里分享的。

Hagnesta Hill – Kent

Kent is one of Sweden’s most popular rock bands. When my friend Trini sent me the song “Quiet Heart” from Hagnesta Hill, I fell in love with it immediately. I then searched more songs from this album and it reminded me of one I heard last year “The King Is Dead”, from John’s MP3 player. It’s a song with memorable chorus, sweeping melody; I love a lot of electrical guitars and a long foreplay and it is very nice song and is the type of Brit-Pop I like.

When I heard “Quiet Heart” it touched my soul and I dipped myself inside the music; this song jumped from the stereo to my ears with ease. It’s a sad song both intense and moody, light and chipper; and the lyrics are so poignant.

I can’t help but recommend Kent’s Hagnesta Hill.

我的朋友旖旎发给一支来自很受欢迎瑞士摇滚band队叫 KENT 里面的一首“Quiet Heart”,它是一首比较emotional的歌曲,听了让你觉得很伤感,激起你内心melancholy,它的歌词,它的melody紧紧的扣住我的心,让我沉浸在里面畅游。我记得前年在John 的MP3我听过The king is dead。这首歌曲很典型的英伦摇滚,有很长的电子吉他前奏,是我喜欢的英伦摇滚类型。KENT’s Hagnesta Hill 是我极力推荐给大家,给一些英伦摇滚的朋友,音乐无界限,什么音乐都要尝试去听,不要局限在一种音乐,然后挑自己最爱的类型和感动你的音乐。爱音乐的人万岁。

Coldplay —Fix You


I’ve listened to “Fix You” many, many, times now, and love the lyrics. There are thousands of good songs and music, and I really admire genuine artists who live for music and sacrifice themselves to it. “Fix you” from Coldplay and “Answer” from Sarah McLaclachlan are perfect examples.

A good melody needs good lyrics for a background, and good lyrics needs a good melody to bring them out. Good music needs the right person to appreciate it.

  • Music gives your life more passion
  • Music can calm your nerves
  • Music can cheer you up
  • Music will be there for you
  • Music can be chosen for your mood, age, and location

Coldplay —Fix You

When you try your best but you don’t succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse……..

James Blunt–Back to Bedlem

Jame Blunt has seemingly come from nowhere to scale the heights of both the album and the singles charts and it’s easy to see why. Singing with genuine conviction and wearing his heart on his sleeve, his songs of love and loss, expertly written and delicately produced, have struck a chord with everyone who has more than an ounce of emotion.

I found his voice is so special, like Chris of Coldplay. But his music is different from Coldplay or Keane. He got his style, and I really like his album.He is a young gifted singer-songwriter described by Q Magazine as ‘A major talent in waiting’The whole world is having a James Blunt storm…I saw his ” You are beautiful” MTV and it’s nice video to watch and sad story backgroud that he died in the end. He is genius in music…I really appreciate all the people repect MUSIC.

“You’re Beautiful” and ” Out of my mind” “Wiseman” ,”No Bravery” ,”High” ,” Tears and rain” so many songs and lyrics I do like. I can’t find his album in China yet. My friend will buy for me in HMV soon. I am expecting to listen whole album.

His website design is really fascinating and simple. Every page got different colour and design and also has James Blunt’s BLOG.