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death cab for cutie

Death Cab For Cutie was formed in the tiny college town of Bellingham, WA. PLANS this album was released in August 15 2005. I listened to this album accidentally on the radio and realized that is was on the TV series ‘The O.C’. Rock music for me is kind of bringing my rebellion out and releases it into music. After listening to the whole album I like it so much because it makes me think about our age, our generation & our life; it gave me inspiration; I can feel the resonance in the music, which produce perfectly for our age.

PlANS concerns itself with the gap that waits in front of us all; aging and eventual death. “All of us in the band are starting to turn a corner and realize our youth is basically over,” say 29-year-old Gibbard. “That’s not a fall by the way side. I am becoming an adult. For me, that means being aware of the slow process of losing people in your life.”

PLANS is a beautiful and mature album from a group that itself is still evolving. Death Cab For Cuties is that rare band that isn’t afraid to tackle the big thought, to wrestle with the complex, never black and white realities of human interaction.

PLANS is the sound of growing up of gaining friends and losing them, of realizing, perhaps of the first time, the weight and consequences of every decision we make, of every heart we touch. It’s an album about growing old that can grow old with us.

I highly recommend it to everyone.

About songs:

On Different Names For The Same Things It’s a song about traveling by yourself in a foreign country and the frustration of being isolated by language; even when you are surrounded by people. The lyrics are very simple and short, but it brings a lot of resonance for frequent travelers.

On Brothers on a Hotel Bed contains a warm and wistful melody and is another reflection on age and aging.

On Soul Meets Body It contains lyrics about death (‘If the darkness takes you, how it takes me too’) in to one of their most romantic love songs.

Every one and every song’s lyrics it’s a theme of life or something that might happen when we are getting old. All the songs I have listened to over and over again and it’s made me think of a lot of life and growing up. The generation of 70th or 80th it’s baby boom generation; It’s a very special generation that we actually got everything we need in physical and need more spiritual to fulfill our life. Allow me to call this generation of a “ Transatlanticism” it’s just exactly like the previous album of Death Cab For Cutie call “Transatlanticism”. If Transatlanticism was an inhale, PLANS is the exhale” said Death Cab member McGerr.

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