Keane–Under The Iron Sea

Everyone is excited about Keane’s new album due to their successful last album (Hopes & Fears), which was a big hit. I gave the album Hopes and Fears 4.5 out of 5 as it was a near-perfect album, with every song being immediatley likable. This one I give 4 stars, as it takes longer for you to like certain songs. However, there are still many songs that stand out, with my favourites being:

  • “Nothing in my way”
  • “Crystal ball”
  • “Hamburg song”
  • “Try again”
  • “Broken Toy”
  • “The Frog Prince”

经过Keane 上张专集《希望与恐惧》大热之后,喜欢Keane 的音乐的朋友都纷纷期待这张新的专集《在铁海之下》,风格还是Keane的英伦格调。这张前个星期听后,让我需要多点时间去慢慢投入音乐的铁海中,要反复去听才深深的喜欢上这张碟,不像上张,一听钟情;上张我给4. 5星,铁海这张我给4星。大家可以买来听听,有什么感受我们都可以在这里分享的。

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