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I have a confession. I’m addicted to Prison Break. It’s one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen, and is currently being shown on TVB Pearl every Tuesday night (10:30).

The story centres around Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), sentenced to death for the murder of the Vice President’s brother. We quickly discover that Lincoln is the fall-guy for a vast political conspiracy and, conveniently, his brother Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is an architectural designer working at the company that designed the prison. As you would imagine from the title, Michael takes it upon himself to use his knowledge to break his brother out of prison.

The series starts with Michael holding up a bank, being caught, and sentenced to the same prison as his brother, where he has to deal with an assortment of prisoners, prison staff, and surprising events. Running parallel to this is the story of Lincoln’s ex-girlfriend, a lawyer, who realises that Lincoln has been framed and decides to clear his name.

The story is a wonderful mixture of suspense and unpredictable plot twists that is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster and keep you watching week after week. Both the prison and the political outside world are full of memorable characters, many of which you love to hate.

Michael’s escape plan has to weather many storms, and the writers do not give him a moments peace. Having just finished season 1, I cannot begin to imagine what is in store for season 2.

Prison Break is one of the best new TV shows this season and it’s a definite 5-stars from me. It helps that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is a very attractive actor and is sure to bring a large audience of girls, both now and in the future.


故事叙说(麦克)是个高才建筑设计师为了让他哥哥(林肯)因被陷害谋杀副总统哥哥而判死刑的他逃出监狱;有政治阴谋,(林肯)只是个替死鬼,侥幸的是有他前女朋友律师在帮他找出蛛丝马迹的证据,但自己也陷入被害;另一方面,(麦克)知道(林肯)死刑即将进行, 唯一最快的办法就是帮他哥哥逃狱; 天才的他除了把监狱的建筑地形蓝图纹在自己的身上,想尽办法利用监狱里面的其他牢犯的才能,一起和他哥哥逃出监狱. 他们是否会逃出? 大家拭目以待!

让大家紧张兴奋的是, 作者在每一集都有惊喜给你,而每10分钟就有无可预料的事情发生, 没有让你有透气得份; (麦克)的计划要不断赶得上变化,集集都把你更多感情与戏中的角色混合, 观众为他们打气, 希望他们早点脱离,但一波未下,一波又起, 这种变数就是这部 “ 逃”最吸引人的地方.

“逃” 它不只是 “ 逃狱” 而是逃出被陷害的圈套. 这是一部这年度最棒的牵引人心的连续剧, 我强烈推荐大家捧场;当然啦,剧中英俊潇洒,帅气可爱的的(麦克)

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  1. I am not surprised you like him, I finished the first season in 4 days, almost finished the first half of second season. If you like this one, I highly recommend The Shawshank Redemption & The Count of Monte Cristo (2002 version), both themes are the same as Prison break – both with innocent people being put into jail, and someone else helps them out and go hunting for the hidden treasure.

    Wenty is ablsolutely gorgeous, check this link out,you’ll be even more surprised and love hime more when you find out more about him.

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