Feist in Royal Albert Hall

Feist in Royal Albert Hall

Some people might have heard the song from the Apple Nano advert “1234”, but not known who sang it. The singer is Leslie Feist, from Canada. I am so lucky to have seen her perform in London at the Royal Albert Hall, which is situated in the Knightsbridge area facing Hyde Park. Before the concert we walked for a while in Hyde Park and it is huge, beautiful ,and peaceful.

The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 in memory of her husband, Prince Albert. The exterior of the building is very distinctive and looks like a giant mushroom. We went inside and there was a guide to show us to our seats, which turned out to be a small private room containing four seats, as well as a private dressing table. I was so thrilled! The interior is amazing, with a huge open circular space in traditional English style. I felt like I was a princess watching some opera.

The show started at 8: 30 PM. Wearing a short white vintage dress with frilly sleeves and high top tennis shoes, Feist played most of her songs from the recent album. Set against a backdrop featuring a woman drawing live finger paint art, this was also a highlight of her concert. Nearly everything about the performance was flawless. She didn’t have any edgy voice, and sang with such dexterity and clarity. She can move from breathy to yelping to full-bodied and elegant. I have to say that her voice is so beautiful and powerful.

Feist was also a very good conversationalist, making jokes, and coercing the audience to join in various songs. It was hard not to like her, and it was a pity that she didn’t sing one of my favorite songs – “Secret Heart”.

Anyway, I am very pleased to watch her professional performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Absolutely it is worth five stars.

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