My First Birthday in London


Today it’s my 27 years birthday but also is my first birthday in the UK. I am very grateful that I have met a lot of good friends as well as having such a good time together during the school term. Last night, we went to celebrate our tri – birthdays for Elieen from Korean, John and me who were all born in March with Miwa and Vicky. John found a French restaurant called Savoir Faire in Holborn, and it has been recommended as the top-table in 2008 with 5 stars reviews.

The restaurant was very cosy, French style with oil-panting on the wall. Only flaw was the music! The price was affordable and the food was absolutely tasty, just like their name – Savoir Faire in French means someone knows the trick.

We ordered some wine, starters, main courses and desserts. I ordered a slowed-braised lamp and it was a super huge lamb leg with mush-potato, which it could feed two people and I ate them all! Others ordered the popular dish – Duck, and John ordered a fish dish. After the meal, we all stuffed and left with a big satisfaction. Friends and I had a fantastic time with delicious food. London is the city you can think of any food from different nationalities, and never could try them all.

I have received many birthday cards and wishes from friends and families. John bought me the ticket to see Keane with Ladyhawke Concert on 30th of May. I have bought myself many clothes to spoil myself. Moreover, John cooked a delicious fish with roasting huge mushroom with cheese tonight, along with beer and chocolate pudding!

I had a really happy birthday and wish to share my happiness with you. Here some pictures to share with you.


餐厅十分法国味道,2层楼,墙壁是手工的大幅油画,唯一不足的是音乐 – 配合不了餐厅的味道。价钱中高,但食物超级美味! 就像餐厅的名字在法文的意思是 – 它知道秘诀 (他们能做出拿手好菜!)我们叫了红酒,开胃菜,主菜和甜点 – 我选了漫炖了5个小时的羊腿和土豆泥,羊腿够2-3个人的分量,我自己一人独吃掉!其他朋友选了最出名的鸭胸,程度刚刚好,约翰点了鲈鱼,他说超级好吃!然后再甜点!天啊,我们把碟子都吃得一干二净,5个人吃到超级饱,决定去伦敦眼周边走半个小时消化下,大家对餐厅的评价特别高,食物超级物有所值!




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  1. =D Hello Carmen,
    I wish you Happy Birthday!!!
    Wishes from far far away, Guangzhou.

    well, you description “sounds” yummy! =D

    Ecard belongs to cards, right? lol =D

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