River Trip and Parties


The school has organised a boat trip to Greenwich on Wednesday. We were on the top boat and saw all the tourists’ attractions such as London Eye and Big Ben. Additionally, I also met some new friends from other classes and had some crazy laugh with thousands pictures taken. It was a windy cold spring day, but it didn’t reduce our fun at all.

After we arrived in Greenwich, we walked around a little because I have been there with John’s family last summer. Friends decided to go to the pub and have some beer! Then all of us – 16 people went to the restaurant I had booked, ate some delicious food and went to another bar.

So we decided to try the popular Buddha Bar near London Eye. I heard that it is a franchise which is based in Paris and all over the world. It is a very posh and fancy bar / restaurant. We had some talks, laugh and dance till 12 am, then we went home, the rest of friends went on continually till 5am! It was properly the last time all the friends gathering – I will miss you of my friends. Here some pictures to share with you

因学期快结束了,所以学校组织周三大家坐船一游泰晤士河到格林尼治 – (英国伦敦东南一市镇,为本初子午线所经过的地方〕虽然当天风很大,大家兴致还是不减,坐在船顶,照相聊天和在船上看伦敦出名旅游景点。大家到了格林尼治之后决定去当地的酒吧喝上几杯,接着16个朋友去我订的餐厅(就在伦敦眼50米的地方,餐厅面对着泰晤士河,风景绝佳)。之后当然再接下场,自从离开广州之后,好久没有这么疯狂过了 – 去了很出名的(佛吧)听说它的基地在巴黎,然后世界各地都有。佛吧里面超级高级,看得出是很多政客去谈生意或疯狂的地方。我们喝了很多鸡尾酒,快到12点,我和约翰先回去了,他明天要上班,其他的同学疯狂再换去跳舞的地方疯狂到零晨5点。太疯狂了!可能大家分别后也没有很多机会大家一起吃饭疯狂,我会想念你们! 这是一些最新照片

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