A new Job and a different life


After all the exams finished, I had been trying to find a part-time job during this summer holiday. It was quite hard and I guess there are many competitions in London. Over few days out for hunting jobs, and submitted over 100 copies of resumes, luckily, I had several  interviews, however, employers were keen to have full-time employees rather then part-time.

However, today it was my happiest day. After 3 interviews, one was offering me on the spot, and another one called me back today and said I was hired out of 3 competitors. Moreover, I went to school to pick up my final transcript, and I was nominated by the tutor that I was the best student in the class, and received 25 pounds for buying book. I was so thrilled in a day, and I felt that my hard working finally rewarded it.

I will work hard and meet more new people. At the first time, I felt like I am part of this country rather than being a student or a visitor. Everyone was so happy for me and me too. Life is not easy, but I will find a way to fight for it and enjoy it.





3 thoughts on “A new Job and a different life

  1. 真为你感到高兴!真的,在收到你这个消息的那一刻对于我自已来说我也转变成对自已目标的鼓励,这两天我也在面试,希望也和你一样LUCK。让我们一起加油!

  2. =D Congrats, Carmen!!! I’m happy for you too!

    Though life sometimes is hard, but believe that at the end of storm there’s a golden sky.
    Walk on with hope in your heart! =)

  3. Thanks, Aileen and Syrinx! You are the best and always give me encouragement and support! I will be there for you guys as well. Work hard for our life, then!

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