Swan Lake Ballet


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I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to … Continue reading

Summer Beach Holiday

The best way to enjoy the summer is to go to beach and enjoy the sun. UK actually has a lot of beaches and sea-side towns, because it is a big island surrounding the sea. Since we are living in Yorkshire, Scarborough in North Yorkshire is the best holiday beach destination.

We drove 2 hours to reach Scarborough. My first impression of it was ” wow, my god, it was so stunning pretty”. We walked alone the beach, and saw that people were sunbathing, kids were making castles in the beach. It was an amazing to relax and be with your family.

You can easily buy any sea food such as lobster or big crabs for under £5. I forgot to buy one when we were back home. We ate really fresh cod fish and chip for lunch. The fish meat was so tasty and fresh, and I who was grown up by the coastal city girl, could tell the difference from sea fish and normal fish.

John said while we were in Scarborough, we could also visit Robin Hood Bay and Whitby. Robin Hood Bay is even smaller than Scarborough, just a small coastal village. Luckily we saw some dance performances of old village tradition. It was amazing and fun to experience.

Whitby like Scarborough is so pretty and felt like you were living in fairy Tale story. All the houses and colourful roofs, boats and yachts  did look like Scandinavia style, don’t you think? I did feel like I was in another country rather than in the UK. It was very different of architectures and atmosphere. I did enjoy North Yorkshire so much – peaceful, quite, good quality of life.  However, it properly might be a little bit bored for young people.

We drove back home from Whitby through North Yorkshire Moors, and it was so pretty inside the moors. It felt like we were in some forests and so stunning beautiful. The weather was hot with blue sky all day long, that’s why we got some amazing pictures.

You should see all the pictures we took in Scarborough beach and Whitby, and I am sure you will fall in love with them.

Summer Cocktail

It is getting hotter in July, and it feels like the proper Summer now. It is sunny all the time, and the temperature is around 18-25 degrees – perfect summer temperature for me, not that sweaty, but nice with cool breeze. We decided to do a home-made cocktail at the weekend, so we tried the Pimm’s with a lot ice, lemonade, strawberries, few orange and little mint. It tasted gorgeous and nice pretty red colour for summer drink.

It is the perfect fruity drink in Summer time. I was sitting my lounge chair in our balcony and sun bathing at the weekend, drinking the Pimm’s and listening to some chill out music.

What a wonderful weekend. We will try Gin and Tonic next week. Happy life.

Kirkstall Abbey

It is incredible sunny and hot (about 25 degrees) in these two days, and it feels like properly summer with the hot heat. We decided to walk down to the canal and had a picnic in Kirkstall Abbey museum at the weekend. The Abbey was built in 12th century, and sadly was destroyed by Henry VIII when he reformed all the Catholic churches in 14th century.

You can see that the church was enormous, but only half left behind and preserved it, so I needed to touch the stones and felt I touched something so old and valuable. It was really nice to imagine how did normal people live in that era?

It was so peaceful and natural surrounding by the canal and parks. People were sunbathing, and enjoyed the great day of summer with their friends. What a wonderful weather and a fantastic day!

End of June

End of June blog pic

It’s end of June. I have been working hard in the job and it seems that life stuck into the routine when you have jobs. The jobs are very challenging and you never know what will happen for a day, it might so busy or quite – it always makes your heart jump! Friends were back to their countries but I miss them.

The great news of this year is that John works for WordPress – ( is a free and open source blog publishing application and Content Management System) as a software engineer and working something creative and challenge. Besides, my website is using WordPress anyway, so I treated him a big dinner and celebrated with him.

Last weekend we travelled to Sheffield to visit John’s family and had a good time. Recently my health is invading by virus and I have been suffering a lot. I hope it went away soon so that I can enjoy the summer!


不知不觉就到了6月末,一直努力的工作着,工作就象打仗,你永远不知道今天的挑战是什么。朋友们回他们国家了,蛮想念和他们一起呼哈的日子。约翰给美国三藩市一家最大的网络公司 WordPress 高薪聘请去当程序工程师,(中国阻止了wordpress 网站,所以大家打不开的)一年3次去三藩市开会的机会,我要去!我为他感到骄傲和高兴,好像和一个名人约会一样。这是他梦想的工作,感觉我们一步步的为生活努力着,一年年总有惊喜发现,有低谷的时候,又有高峰开心的日子,这就是生活。


A new Job and a different life


After all the exams finished, I had been trying to find a part-time job during this summer holiday. It was quite hard and I guess there are many competitions in London. Over few days out for hunting jobs, and submitted over 100 copies of resumes, luckily, I had several  interviews, however, employers were keen to have full-time employees rather then part-time.

However, today it was my happiest day. After 3 interviews, one was offering me on the spot, and another one called me back today and said I was hired out of 3 competitors. Moreover, I went to school to pick up my final transcript, and I was nominated by the tutor that I was the best student in the class, and received 25 pounds for buying book. I was so thrilled in a day, and I felt that my hard working finally rewarded it.

I will work hard and meet more new people. At the first time, I felt like I am part of this country rather than being a student or a visitor. Everyone was so happy for me and me too. Life is not easy, but I will find a way to fight for it and enjoy it.





Summer time


I do enjoy the sunny day and hot temperature in London, and it is hot, but as humid as China. I asked friends to come to my house and made some cakes together before they fly back to HK and Japan. We bought so many ingredients and made the pumpkin pie and chocolate trifle cake.

Vicky and Miwa enjoyed making cakes and we had so much fun, even though Vicky had some flower everywhere, and Miwa dropped an egg on the floor, it’s part of the fun and experience with friends. After 2 hours hard work, we ordered Papajohn’s pizza and watched some girl’s movie – He is not in too you. Then drinking and chatting until 1 am.

I enjoy the quality time with friends here in Summer day, cool breeze, hot sun, summer clothes, cool beer, good food and good accompany, then what a happy weekend. Here are some of our latest pictures.

I have been working hard to find a part-time job, had 2 interviews yesterday, but we will see the  results and I have work harder hunting on Monday. Tonight we will see Keane and Ladyhawke’s concert in Shepherd  Bush, I am so looking forward to seeing them.





我在努力找兼职呢,昨天有2份面试,不知道成不成功,英国兼职很难找啊,很多欧洲人来竞争,加上金融风暴,好在伦敦到处都是机会,周一再接再厉。今晚去听Keane 和 Ladyhawke的演唱会,约翰喜欢ladyhawke,等待疯狂的激情的夜晚终于来了。



Summer has gone and now it is Autumn! I have noticed that people have changed in autumn clothes, wearing sunglass and having a suntan! I need to apologies to all my friends that I haven’t been updating my blog for sometimes. I have been so busy on Octorber, such as wedding, birthdays and parties, but I had a fantastic time with friends.

Recently, I try to get used to the new job as well as the new colleagues. Another good news is that eventually I am able to get my university degree certificate regardless how hard I worked for it. However, I still need to work hard on my English by reading more novels or practice more. I am glad that I am making progress slowly in my life.

I am trying my best to be a good colleague, good girlfriend, good friend, good daughter (sometimes I’m not good enough at all), good charming Carmen…