Friends’ Christmas Dinner

Friends are organised an early Christmas dinner in an Italian restaurant. There are thousands tourists and people rushing through Oxford Street. The Christmas sales is on yesterday. I have brought so many gifts for myself – more shoes and clothes, so my financial status is poor at the moment. I do need to save up more rather than spending. I think maybe I am a spendaholics! But I do like pretty things…

Nice spending time with friends and have some laugh. Enjoy your holiday!

2 thoughts on “Friends’ Christmas Dinner

  1. Good to see the ‘girls’ are still enjoying themselves and still supporting the poor UK economy by spending ..spending and spending!! ha ha!!
    So what was the best ‘bargain’ ? 🙂 Terry

  2. Thanks Terry, so sweet to stop by here. I don’t think UK is in poor economy, so many people were shopping in boxing day Unbelievable. Well, most Asian were queueing to buy luxury products, so thanks for Asian shoppers. (not me, I am too poor)

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