My Obsession Women – Daria Werbowy

In fashion industry, most people adore Kate Moss and Keira Knightley in the UK because they both have typical high cheek bones and classic British elegant faces. Personally, I think they both are pretty but rather common. When you talk about perfect face and body, everyone will think of brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. Indeed, she has everything and she is incomparable.

However, I like Gisele, but I set my eyes on Daria Werbowy, who is an Ukrainian Canadian model, originally was born in Poland. My obsession of her is her eyes and smile -mystery and sexy!  Her face is very unique and she got a perfect body as well. In style, she wears a lot of simple, chic and street style fashion. I am totally adore her body and her look. Look at her pictures, how could you not like her?

We all know that faces and beauty eventually will wear-out, and it is rather superficial and temporary, but I appreciate and love seeing pretty things and people. Sometimes I just could not stop staring at them. Anyway, Daria is the most popular supermodel and fashion icon nowadays. Maybe sometimes we want something that we can not have. Cover pictures are from

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