Asakusa Japanese Restaurant – 浅草日本料理

Camden has many good Japanese restaurants and some of them are hidden and only local Japanese goes there. We found Asakusa is one of these. It is outside of Mornington Crescent tube station and it has really good reviews online.

John and I decided to give it a try. The staff were extremely helpful and gave a really good service. Japanese food is one of my favourite, and I love it more than Chinese food. It’s the art of the food with very fine and simple taste. Simple is the best.

I ordered fried tofu and salmon sashimi as my starter. John ordered vegetarian dumplings and miso soup for his starter. My main course was Unagi – BBQ eel with rice. All the food was absolutely stunning, especially the fresh sashimi. I haven’t eaten sashimi for so long and it is always so expensive in London. However, Asakusa was a very reasonable price for all the food, that’s why it is so popular.

I felt like I was in Japan and that I went to a local restaurant to have dinner. Highly recommended. Five stars for price, service and quality of the food. Stunning. Be there soon!!

Tel: 020 – 7388 8533 / 020 7388 8399

Dinner 6-11pm (mon-fri) 6-11pm (sat)

Address: 265 Eversholt Street London, NW1

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