Kimchi Korean Restaurant in Holborn

Old University friends decided to have dinner together on Friday night. We asked Eileen to introduce a good Korean restaurant in town. Eileen recommended Kimchi in Holborn is a really good authentic restaurant, so we decided to meet there.

It is a gorgeous fancy open restaurant located in High Holborn Street. It was full of people and the price was surprisingly reasonable. The food was outstanding good and tasty.

We ordered few starters and Beef, Pork and Chicken BBQ. Although they don’t have traditional Korean BBQ fire space in the table, all the meat was BBQ in the open Kitchen and still tasted so juicy and delicious. It was really authentic Korean!

It’s very interesting that we all tried some soju (Korean wine) and it was really fruity and sweet! Overall, it was a good delicious meal with good companies and good environment. 5 out of 5 stars. Pictures from Kimchi Restaurant.

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