202 Nicole Farhi Cafe in Notting Hill


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I know there are thousand of hidden good cafes and restaurants in London. I found that 202 cafe in Notting Hill because I was read that Olivia Palermo’s favourite cafe in London. Eileen and I went to give it a … Continue reading

Kimchi Korean Restaurant in Holborn


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Old University friends decided to have dinner together on Friday night. We asked Eileen to introduce a good Korean restaurant in town. Eileen recommended Kimchi in Holborn is a really good authentic restaurant, so we decided to meet there. It … Continue reading

Swan Lake Ballet


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I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to … Continue reading

German Market (Christkindelmarkt)

Karolina and I decided to go to the German Market to eat some sausages and beer in Millennium Square in Leeds City Centre. Christkindelmarkt is open daily from Friday 12 November until Sunday 19 December 2010. The market and funfair opens daily from 10.30am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 10.30am to 8pm on Sundays. The ‘Frankfurter Scheune’ bierkeller and selected stalls open late until 11pm.

It was not that big but it was fun and we ate sausages, beer, potato pancakes, roast chestnut, and strawberries white chocolate and some candy. I think we were done pretty well. We had a lot of laugh and fun even it was a cold night. Food price is from £2.5-£4. Good atmosphere and fun to have a night out with your friends.

Karaoke Crazy Night

My colleague asked me join them for a Karaoke night in city centre. I never went to a Karaoke Bar in the UK, even though it used to my favourite place to hang out with my friends back to China. I always like singing and is a good way to spend time with your friends as well.

It was different comparing in China. People in China were more focus on the quality of the hi-fi and the microphone sound, and they want to to be professional sounds. However, the quality of the hi-fi of that Karaoke bar was quite basic, people were more care to have fun. We got the most crazy and fun night ever. We were dancing, singing and had so much laugh, even some people I judy met them in the first time. They were so open and just had fun, no matter what! I like that attitude.

Back to London / Sally visited us

Sally from Guangzhou came to visit us for a week, and stayed with us in Leeds. Unfornately I had to work most of the time. We drove together to visit York in a morning, and Sally seems like York quite a lot. I took a friday off and we returned to London for three days to show Sally London.

I do miss London so much, and it’s so excited to return back to London. Everything seemed the same, and I felt like I have never left it. I know people living in North or outside London, they don’t really like London’s busy, the tubes, the tourists, and the rush. For me personally, London makes me feel alive. I absolutely love the vibrate movement, the cool trendy people, the arts, the varieties choices, and multicultural environment, thousands of shops, cafés, restaurants. It has too many to offer, that’s why I love about London, except one thing I don’t want to admit about London that living costs are very expensive.

It’s good experience to live in a different city rather and meet new people. I enjoy our life in Leeds, and certainly, we love living in London very much as well. Someday we shall retune to the most exciting city again!

Best Friend Shine in the UK

I got two best friends who are Caro and Shine, both we have been together for more than 20 years. One thing I always feel blessing is that you have a best friend in your life and that’s all you need.

Shine and I are very close and she knows everything of me, and she is the one who will always be there for me. Since John and I moved to the UK, I miss her so much, and so excited to hear that she was coming to have a holiday here.

We drove to the Ilkey moors and Bolton Abbey, then back home to have Sunday Roast. It’s shame that Shine didn’t stay long in Leeds, but we had a good time together. Sometimes I hate growing up, because you can not spend as much time as we used to be in the University, and talked about our future and silly dreams. Life is going on, and we are getting old together.

I am a lucky woman who has such a best friend supports me in every way. When Shine is not here, John replaces her place and keep me warm and give me strength on the road.  A song to Shine and me…

Keane – The Night Sky
One day I will be back in our old street
Safe from the noise that’s falling around me…

Glad to see friends again

Autumn in London

Since I had been away from London, I was busy meeting my old friends, plus facebook has blocked in China. So that I couldn’t update news with my friends. Back to London, first thing is to meet up with Eileen and Vicky at the weekend. We went to eat in a korean restaurant, and had a walk near London eye, where we normal walk after dinner.

Eileen has her hair cut short and told me some changes of her life. Vicky has a new boyfriend and they seem doing well. I am glad for them whether it’s good or bad to have some change in life, and we all do. I am so happy to catch up with them and hear different stories.

John and I have been thinking that I might have some driving lessons here and get a drive license soon. It cost 20 pound per hour, and need 30 lessons at least to learn how to drive. John said it won’t be easy and I know my ex-manager was failed to get his license, and it is so scared to think how difficult it will be. I guess it’s all about practicing and experience. Wish me luck and hope I don’t waste the money. There are always so much pressure in life. Urg…