Paralympic Opening Ceremony

We brought the tickets to see the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and had such a great seat and view. Being there was just overwhelming excited. The live atmosphere was phenomenal. We enjoyed so much for paralympic opening ceremony and it was a once-of-your-life-time experience.

Hope everyone had a good Olympic and Paralympic games in London 2012.

Pictures from my husband’s camera with my own iphone pictures.

2 thoughts on “Paralympic Opening Ceremony

  1. Hi Carmen and John thanks to your Mum in law my old pal Ive enjoyed reading your comments re London and the Olympics. Perhaps one day you will cook me your Prawns and Saffron Rice you promised me, when we met in Leeds with Ann regards Judy.

  2. Dear Judy

    Great to hear from you! Thank you for the common. Hope I could cook a nice meal for you one day.

    Mother in law she is lovely! See you soon up north!

    Love of love,

    Carmen and John

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