Lots of Home-made food before entering New Year 2013

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We got 4 days holiday including Sat and Sun until New Year. I geared up my cooking mood and decided to try more new recipes to welcome new year!

First dish I tried to use Jamie Oliver 30 minutes meal for the Roast Satay Chicken, Cashew nut noodle, wrapped with lettuce! It was quite easy to make, but preparation might take some time. My chicken breasts were huge, and it took longer time to cook. (next time, I will cut into small cube – easy to cook). It turned out it was really delicious. I was amazing that you still can archive the TV show from Jamie in Channel 4, and it did help a lot.

I have tried classic simple dish sausages and mash on Sunday. It is my old time favourite dish. John doesn’t like pork sausage, so we went to butcher and bought some chicken sausages for John, and some lamb and different pork sausages for me.

Sausages and mash is simply easy, but the gravy is the key. I did some research. Using red wine, balsamic vinegar, half beef stock, flower, and caramel-onion. It turned out so nice! Best sausages and gravy I have ate so far. I have also home-baked some almond raspberries tart. I seldom bake cakes nowadays due to our kitchen is a little too small.

The last meal in New Year Eve, I decide not to do things too complicated, so I home-made some meatballs with chilly garlic tomato pasta using Jamie Oliver’s recipes online. Easy but tasty! Dessert is a blueberries cake that John bought from Maison Blanc. Happy Days!


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