Hagnesta Hill – Kent

Kent is one of Sweden’s most popular rock bands. When my friend Trini sent me the song “Quiet Heart” from Hagnesta Hill, I fell in love with it immediately. I then searched more songs from this album and it reminded me of one I heard last year “The King Is Dead”, from John’s MP3 player. It’s a song with memorable chorus, sweeping melody; I love a lot of electrical guitars and a long foreplay and it is very nice song and is the type of Brit-Pop I like.

When I heard “Quiet Heart” it touched my soul and I dipped myself inside the music; this song jumped from the stereo to my ears with ease. It’s a sad song both intense and moody, light and chipper; and the lyrics are so poignant.

I can’t help but recommend Kent’s Hagnesta Hill.

我的朋友旖旎发给一支来自很受欢迎瑞士摇滚band队叫 KENT 里面的一首“Quiet Heart”,它是一首比较emotional的歌曲,听了让你觉得很伤感,激起你内心melancholy,它的歌词,它的melody紧紧的扣住我的心,让我沉浸在里面畅游。我记得前年在John 的MP3我听过The king is dead。这首歌曲很典型的英伦摇滚,有很长的电子吉他前奏,是我喜欢的英伦摇滚类型。KENT’s Hagnesta Hill 是我极力推荐给大家,给一些英伦摇滚的朋友,音乐无界限,什么音乐都要尝试去听,不要局限在一种音乐,然后挑自己最爱的类型和感动你的音乐。爱音乐的人万岁。

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  1. This is actually a break-up song, about how a guy broke a gilr’s heart and hurt her pride because of his ego.I think if you have been in love before, then you’ll find some similar thoughts from the lyrics.

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