Black and White


You might think “black and white” party? No, there is an interesting topic about different about complexion in China and the West.

My western friends keep asking me “ why the Chinese always like taking the umbrella wherever sunshine is coming out?” people like be tanned or have a brown skin in the west. On the opposite, people in mainland China prefer their skin to look very white even like pale. There are several reasons for that. The big reason for white skin because Chinese men like women to look white. If women look white, it means they are week and innocent and men can protect them. The others reason is that white skin means they are rich, dark skin means they are working outdoors all the time, not an properly ladies.

However, in the west, people like to be tanned a lot and it represents healthy and fashion. It means people have more time for outdoors or on holidays and it is a rich symbol.

The same thought has appeared in most cultures. Hundreds of years ago it was a sign of beauty in Europe for a woman to be white, and this was for the exact same reasons: being white implied you were not working class, being dark implied you were a worker. At that time women used to apply all sorts of dangerous chemicals to their face to make it whiter. Queen Elizabeth I is famous for wearing lead powder, a chemical that we now know as being toxic to humans.

I’m sure the same will happen in China and over time having a tan will be a sign of wealth.





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