Go-Cart Racing

No. 7 Carmen

We were invited to try Go-Cart racing (Ka Ding Che) in the National Park at Foshan. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard, just like Peng Peng Che. When we got there, the staff taught us some of the rules different flag signals. Wow, it looked really like racing. Most of people there got the driver license except me.

We were separated into two teams, men and women (along with three children). My friends told me that we shouldn’t challenge the kids as they are more professional than all of us. Some of them were only 7-9 years old, but I was told they have been racing Go-cart since they were 5. Oh. My God…

Finally it started, I was so nervous that we would drive the real powerful engine. The next was our team. I picked the NO.7 Go-cart. I remember when I was studying in Shantou Foreign Language School, NO. 7 was my seat; and it became my lucky number. I tried my best to drive and the hardest was turning the corners, but I finally made it through.

The first race I was no.9 out of 11 people. Second one was no. 7, then no. 5 in the end. I was happy that I could drive that well and even beat other women.

It was new challenge, exciting and scary but fun Go-carting racing. You need to try one day.



第一场11人中我排9名,第二场排7名,最后一场排5名,对于我第一次赛车的结果我还是满满意的。 李奶奶第2名(小朋友第1名)。这绝对是个新的挑战,刺激,好玩,却惊险的卡丁车比赛。你一定要试试看。

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  1. 我一上网就去看你163的最新的照片,李奶奶天天能满足我的视觉要求!太爱死你了。
    (I went to visit your website when I got time. You really can satisfy my eyes. Love you so much)

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