Swan Lake Ballet


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I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to … Continue reading

Karaoke Crazy Night

My colleague asked me join them for a Karaoke night in city centre. I never went to a Karaoke Bar in the UK, even though it used to my favourite place to hang out with my friends back to China. I always like singing and is a good way to spend time with your friends as well.

It was different comparing in China. People in China were more focus on the quality of the hi-fi and the microphone sound, and they want to to be professional sounds. However, the quality of the hi-fi of that Karaoke bar was quite basic, people were more care to have fun. We got the most crazy and fun night ever. We were dancing, singing and had so much laugh, even some people I judy met them in the first time. They were so open and just had fun, no matter what! I like that attitude.

Ho’s Best Dimsum in Leeds

I love Ho’s Chinese Restaurant in Leeds city centre. We have been there many times, and feel like that it is our regular dimsum place. I took all my friends there and they all said Ho’s dimsum is one of the best, even better in Guangzhou. Ho’s dimsum is certainly home-made Chinese with fresh ingredients and big portions as well. Most importantly, it is cheap and you will be satisfied when you walk out the restaurant.

My colleagues and I went there for dinner as well. The quality of the normal Chinese food was really authentic and I felt like I was in Guangzhou or Hong Kong. I will never feel home sick if we have good dimsum in Leeds. I gave 4.5 out of 5. If you like good quality of Chinese food in Leeds, go and try some.

My Autumn New Collection shoes

My shoes

Nice back to London and have my own space and life back. I do feel sad to leave my family and niece, as well as good friends in GZ. I had a fabulous time in GZ and Shantou. Thanks all the friends’ dinners and treats in China.

As a shoes lover, I also bought some of the new shoes back to London. I especially like the new blue boots it costs me hundreds of ‘Chairman Mao’ but I just love it so much and it’s very comfortable to walk. While I organised my clothes and shoes, I took some pictures to remind me how many pair of shoes I have. I don’t think it’s many pairs because I am a greedy girl. John always thinks I spend too much on shoes and shopping. Haha…

London is 9 to 15 degrees, and it’s Autumn towards Winter. We properly will see bonfire next week and go to see Mew’s concert soon. We will go to have dinner with my London friends this weekend to catch up. Look forward to seeing them.

Guangzhou – Too Much Fun

Guangzhou - too much fun

Back to Guangzhou

I was so looking forward back to China. There are two things I have to do; one is to eat a lot of chinese food, and to see my friends. I arrived on Thursday night after 12 hours plane plus 3 hours couch from HK airport, but I was still very excited to meet Casper and Shine. They have been waiting for me at ‘Uncle’ which is a HK canteen style restaurant to have dinner with me. However, I was not aware of Yuki and other friends had booked a table to welcome me. At the end, I hanged out with all my friends at my first night.

The whole Guangzhou trip was so busy that I didn’t have time to feel jet-leg. First day, I had dimsum with my ex-colleagues, and went to visit their new office. It did feel weird, and felt like I had never left before. Anyway, it’s so good to see them again.

Then friends had arranged a trip to Yangjiang at the weekend. We were so lucky to eat a lot of seafood which just caught from the ocean. After dinner, we went to have firework on the beach, then ate again. Thanks Jenie’s husband for their hospitality, so that we ate, slept and entertained well. It was a unforgettable journey.

The rest days in Guangzhou I ate with friends and went to foot / body massages basically every night. It wasn’t enough to spend one week in Guangzhou, then I have to back to Shantou to see my family.

It’s hard to say goodbye to my Guangzhou friends! I wish I could be here forever.




接下来的每天都是朋友请我吃饭,按摩,吃点心。这次再和啊娜见了面,她真客气,还请了我们吃顿1千多的饭,谢谢她的有心!我的广州之旅真是奢侈和开心。我真的要谢谢所有广州的朋友们,爱你们在心口难开啊,没有你们,就没有我今天的开心。 实在不舍得和你们说再见,不过我会再回去和你们见面的。等我喔!

Exciting going back to China

back to China

Since 08/08/2008 last year till today 09/09/2009, I have been away from China and my friends for over 1 year. It seems very long, but it also feels like just yesterday. I guess I could not adjust the weather when I am back to Guangzhou. The weather here in London is perfect temperature about 19-25 degrees, however, Guangzhou is about 35 degrees and very humid. Then I properly will spend one week to adjust the jet-leg.

All these things do not matter when I think of meeting friends, eating delicious food and spending time with my niece and family. The joy will be overcome the bad sides. Yuki and other friends plan to drive to Yangjiang and eat seafood there at the weekend I arrive. On one hand, I can’t wait flying on Tuesday. On the other hand, I do feel sad that John could not join me back to China this time, maybe we will be back during the Chinese New year Next year!

One sad thing is that sister told me Mum has rented out our old house. It means that the house where I had spent 20 years is gone – my white cat, my usual place, and everything. Although the house is old and small, it contains all the memories of my childhood, friends who came to visit, and normal life. I know that sooner or later it will need to be re-decorate it, or sell it, but I will miss it so much!

Anyway, see you soon, my friends! Thanks Trini of her bubble tea and Shantou pictures!



但这些都不要紧,一想到见到老朋友和吃很多中餐,海鲜及最重要是见我姐的女儿,从她出生到现在1年了,我很想念希希!Yuki 已经安排好到达的周末去阳江吃海鲜!我太兴奋了。下周二就飞,但我又舍不得约翰一个人在伦敦,可惜他不能请假太久回去,过年我们再一起回去吧。

一个很伤心的消息,老姐告诉我我家的老房子租给别人了,老房子储存了我20年生活的点滴 - 从小学到中专,朋友来来回回去我家作客,老家虽旧,但很多朋友都感觉是他们的另一个窝。我可怜的白猫,很多角落的点滴,回忆就这样很快消失了。其实我知道老家需要重新专修或租出去的,只是时间问题,我会想念它的!


Our Home-made Pumpkin Pie


John bought me a recipe book for a Christmas gift. It is one of my favorite chefs’ dessert book James Martin – from the TV series ‘Sweet Baby James’. Today we decided to make one of the recipes and picked the pumpkin pie with pecan. The hard part was making the pastry with pecan, but we did it well. It only cost us a few pounds for the ingredients, but it worths at least 10 pounds in the cafe. The pie looks so amazing and tastes great – it’s not too sweet, with a top layer that could easily melt into your mouth, and pastry is crunchy and tasty with the pecan. It is exactly perfect! We are so proud and pleased with our pie. Hope we will make it for you one day. Here are some pictures


约翰圣诞节送给我最爱的厨师James Martin的甜品书叫“占慕士的甜宝贝“ (我自己翻译的)我们在广州明珠台看过他的这个甜点专辑。今天我们终于有时间做甜点,我们选择了容易做果仁南瓜派。最难做的是打底的馅饼皮,果仁和馅饼皮一起搓,然后加5种香料,南瓜,焦糖,双层奶然后放进炬炉45分钟,出来的效果超级专业,不甜不腻,外层柔软融入你口中,馅饼皮脆而有果仁味道。超级好吃!等大家来我们家做客我做给你们吃哦!照片吸引人吧?

Goodbye 2008, good luck 2009


Another year has passed and another year will soon arrive. As our lives fall into a routine, a day feels like a blink, and a year feels like a month. What did we remember about 2008? There were the Olympic games in China, the worldwide financial crash, and the USA’s new president Barack Obama. 2008 was not exactly a good year for some people, and not a good year to invest.

I feel my shoulder (responsibilities) get heavier every year. Personally, I think I achieved many things and challenged myself in 2008. It is my dream to live aboard and experience the life in the UK. However, I never take this for granted, because it is not easy to come so far and the road will not always be stable. I see it more interesting to walk and face challenges. Despite the fact that life is hard, let’s ‘getting some fun out of life’ like a song from Madeleine Peyroux always encourages me.

When we want to love, we love; When we want to kiss, we kiss
With a little petting, we’re getting Some fun out of life

When we want to work, we work; When we wanna play, we play
In a happy setting, we’re getting; Some fun out of life

Maybe we do the right things ; Maybe we do the wrong
Spending each day; Wending our way along


一年又过去了,日子过得好了,时间眨眼又一天,一年就好像一个月。08让我们最难忘的是北京的奥运,西方的金融风暴和美国新的总统奥巴马。08并非一安稳的好年,09年可能继续陷入金融复活期,但我们以积极的态度去面对,望好的方面去看。多一岁,肩膀的责任越重,但我仍然为自己的梦想奔波着,挑战新的一年。本人来说,08年完成了满多任务的,约翰和我双方见过父母,放弃7年广州的生活,到英国充实自己,学习新的东西,这是我的梦想也是我人生日记中新一页,但这所有的一切来得并不是容易,约翰和我努力着为我们的将来奋斗着,将来的路也并非容易的走下去,我把它看成多点挑战,多点惊喜给自己。我想每个人都有他追求的梦想,有他的问题要去解决,但永远不要忘记,象爵士歌曲中一首歌曲中唱得,记得在生活中 ‘苦中作乐‘, 无论生活多么不如意,这首歌曲永远鼓励我。

Nintendo Wii Fit


We bought a Nintendo Wii games console over one year ago in Guangzhou and recently bought the Wii Fit in London. Apparently we have influenced at least six friends to buy it after they have played it, and they are extremely popular in the UK and we had to order the Wii Fit online shipped from German because UK ran out of stocks.

Using the Wii Fit you can practice your yoga, balancing, and other fun exercises to burn your calories. It’s really good for the lazy people such as myself and when I have time I use it to excercise and keep track of my weight. It’s really fun to play with freinds and makes for a good purchase.

不知不觉我们在广州买了Wii 任天堂游戏机有一年多了,之后在伦敦才买Wii Fit。我们成功的说服了至少6个朋友也买了它。Wii 在哪里都超级受欢迎,我们还要上网订购Wii fit,而从德国运过来才行,因为当时英国卖短货了。

我用Wii Fit锻炼俞加或是一些平衡的游戏,每天锻炼,它不仅让你流汗,还真的可以消耗卡路里,对我这些懒人又可以玩游戏,又可以做运动,何乐不为呢?我要保持苗条的身材,或要再瘦点!当你有很多朋友来你家时,大家可以一起玩一些互动游戏和一起开怀大笑。我觉得是不错的投资!希望你也买一个玩玩吧!

Arrived in London

I packed my luggage and it took me 7 hours to get to HK airport. Luckily I could see the Olympic Opening Ceremony while I was waiting to check in. Even thought I am tired of Olympic topics in China, the opening ceremony was stunning and I almost burst into tears when I saw our national flag and everyone was singing our national song.

Anyway, after another 13 hours on the plane I finally arrived at Heathrow airport and went through the immigration. I thought I would need to take an x-ray on the spot because I’m staying in the UK more than 1 year, but apparently you don’t anymore. Great!

I arrived and felt like I had never left, everything was so familiar. The next day I registered with the police. Hopefully I will open my bank accounts on tomorrow morning. The weather is not fantastic here, chilly and raining, although often with a blue sky.