Goodbye 2008, good luck 2009


Another year has passed and another year will soon arrive. As our lives fall into a routine, a day feels like a blink, and a year feels like a month. What did we remember about 2008? There were the Olympic games in China, the worldwide financial crash, and the USA’s new president Barack Obama. 2008 was not exactly a good year for some people, and not a good year to invest.

I feel my shoulder (responsibilities) get heavier every year. Personally, I think I achieved many things and challenged myself in 2008. It is my dream to live aboard and experience the life in the UK. However, I never take this for granted, because it is not easy to come so far and the road will not always be stable. I see it more interesting to walk and face challenges. Despite the fact that life is hard, let’s ‘getting some fun out of life’ like a song from Madeleine Peyroux always encourages me.

When we want to love, we love; When we want to kiss, we kiss
With a little petting, we’re getting Some fun out of life

When we want to work, we work; When we wanna play, we play
In a happy setting, we’re getting; Some fun out of life

Maybe we do the right things ; Maybe we do the wrong
Spending each day; Wending our way along


一年又过去了,日子过得好了,时间眨眼又一天,一年就好像一个月。08让我们最难忘的是北京的奥运,西方的金融风暴和美国新的总统奥巴马。08并非一安稳的好年,09年可能继续陷入金融复活期,但我们以积极的态度去面对,望好的方面去看。多一岁,肩膀的责任越重,但我仍然为自己的梦想奔波着,挑战新的一年。本人来说,08年完成了满多任务的,约翰和我双方见过父母,放弃7年广州的生活,到英国充实自己,学习新的东西,这是我的梦想也是我人生日记中新一页,但这所有的一切来得并不是容易,约翰和我努力着为我们的将来奋斗着,将来的路也并非容易的走下去,我把它看成多点挑战,多点惊喜给自己。我想每个人都有他追求的梦想,有他的问题要去解决,但永远不要忘记,象爵士歌曲中一首歌曲中唱得,记得在生活中 ‘苦中作乐‘, 无论生活多么不如意,这首歌曲永远鼓励我。

Moving to London

Moving to London

As some of you know, my time in London was a testing period to see what the city is like. Very shortly I will be moving there to study for a masters degree at the University Of London.

Saying goodbye to Guangzhou, and especially my good friends, is not easy. I have spent a total of seven years in Guangzhou, arriving here as an innocent girl from Shantou. I’ve enjoyed my life, my studies, and my jobs here in Guangzhou and it is not without some sadness that I leave. However, although I am scared I am also excited to have something new and challenging to look forward to. I will need to start from scratch and work very hard, but the rewards should be well worth it.

I really wish I could take all my friends with me to London and I will miss them all. I am so glad they are always there for me and want them to know that they have played an important part of my life. I wish the best of luck to all of my friends and hope to see them in London.

See you soon Guangzhou.





Go-Cart Racing

No. 7 Carmen

We were invited to try Go-Cart racing (Ka Ding Che) in the National Park at Foshan. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard, just like Peng Peng Che. When we got there, the staff taught us some of the rules different flag signals. Wow, it looked really like racing. Most of people there got the driver license except me.

We were separated into two teams, men and women (along with three children). My friends told me that we shouldn’t challenge the kids as they are more professional than all of us. Some of them were only 7-9 years old, but I was told they have been racing Go-cart since they were 5. Oh. My God…

Finally it started, I was so nervous that we would drive the real powerful engine. The next was our team. I picked the NO.7 Go-cart. I remember when I was studying in Shantou Foreign Language School, NO. 7 was my seat; and it became my lucky number. I tried my best to drive and the hardest was turning the corners, but I finally made it through.

The first race I was no.9 out of 11 people. Second one was no. 7, then no. 5 in the end. I was happy that I could drive that well and even beat other women.

It was new challenge, exciting and scary but fun Go-carting racing. You need to try one day.



第一场11人中我排9名,第二场排7名,最后一场排5名,对于我第一次赛车的结果我还是满满意的。 李奶奶第2名(小朋友第1名)。这绝对是个新的挑战,刺激,好玩,却惊险的卡丁车比赛。你一定要试试看。