Arrived in London

I packed my luggage and it took me 7 hours to get to HK airport. Luckily I could see the Olympic Opening Ceremony while I was waiting to check in. Even thought I am tired of Olympic topics in China, the opening ceremony was stunning and I almost burst into tears when I saw our national flag and everyone was singing our national song.

Anyway, after another 13 hours on the plane I finally arrived at Heathrow airport and went through the immigration. I thought I would need to take an x-ray on the spot because I’m staying in the UK more than 1 year, but apparently you don’t anymore. Great!

I arrived and felt like I had never left, everything was so familiar. The next day I registered with the police. Hopefully I will open my bank accounts on tomorrow morning. The weather is not fantastic here, chilly and raining, although often with a blue sky.



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