Busaba Eathai Restaurant Review


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Busaba Thai Restaurant is owned by leading Asian restaurants Alan Yau. Alan Yau owned my favourite Chinese restaurants Michelin stars ‘Hakkasan’, middle range ‘Yauacha‘ and quick and good quality food ‘Chacha Moon‘ and Thai Restaurant Busaba Eathai. My friends Eileen took … Continue reading

Ho’s Best Dimsum in Leeds

I love Ho’s Chinese Restaurant in Leeds city centre. We have been there many times, and feel like that it is our regular dimsum place. I took all my friends there and they all said Ho’s dimsum is one of the best, even better in Guangzhou. Ho’s dimsum is certainly home-made Chinese with fresh ingredients and big portions as well. Most importantly, it is cheap and you will be satisfied when you walk out the restaurant.

My colleagues and I went there for dinner as well. The quality of the normal Chinese food was really authentic and I felt like I was in Guangzhou or Hong Kong. I will never feel home sick if we have good dimsum in Leeds. I gave 4.5 out of 5. If you like good quality of Chinese food in Leeds, go and try some.

Arrived in London

I packed my luggage and it took me 7 hours to get to HK airport. Luckily I could see the Olympic Opening Ceremony while I was waiting to check in. Even thought I am tired of Olympic topics in China, the opening ceremony was stunning and I almost burst into tears when I saw our national flag and everyone was singing our national song.

Anyway, after another 13 hours on the plane I finally arrived at Heathrow airport and went through the immigration. I thought I would need to take an x-ray on the spot because I’m staying in the UK more than 1 year, but apparently you don’t anymore. Great!

I arrived and felt like I had never left, everything was so familiar. The next day I registered with the police. Hopefully I will open my bank accounts on tomorrow morning. The weather is not fantastic here, chilly and raining, although often with a blue sky.



Muse In Hong Kong

Muse In HK

Last Saturday we went to Hong Kong to see Muse play in concert. It was one of the most amazing live concerts I’ve ever seen, and over six thousand people came to see them at the Asiaworld Expo centre.

We went there about 7 o’clock (concert starts at 8pm) and already fans were queuing up and hoping to get a good position. The setting was perfect, with stars on be the background just like “starlight”. The drummer sitting in the middle, Matt standing on the left, and base guitar on the right. There was very little space between the stage and fans so the early queuers got a real treat.

Muse played most of the new album, with a good selection of earlier music (including one from the first album). Matt Bellamy is an extraordinarily musician and singer, leaping from guitar to piano without blinking. The crowd feedback peaked during “Time is running out” with everyone joining in. The last song saw five giant balloons descend from the sky, with everyone trying to jump and hit them. There is no doubt that they deserved the award for Best Live Band at the Brits, as well as Best British Band from NME.

2 hours passed far too quickly. I didn’t expect Muse would be such a big hit in Hong Kong, but everyone was very energetic and responsive. Being on the small side I didn’t see as much as I would like, and often found myself being crushed by jumping guys, stepping on my feet and swinging their sweat next to me. Beside that everyone was awesome and you could feel their love of the music.

It was an outstanding concert to watch and I’m glad I went. Even though Jazz has an irreplaceable place in my heart, Rock is now part of my rebellion and I wish more concerts will be held in Hong Kong (even better, in Guangzhou) so we can appreciate talented musicians. Their music is a work of art.

Here is their MySpace

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Miss Hong Kong


It is a spring and the weather is so changeable like the song “ Come Rain or Come Shine”. It’s the most appropriate to describe it. However, the weather reminds our Hong Kong trips. Most time while we visiting HK were foggy days, but nothing stop its attractions.

While we were in HK, we sat outside of Delifrance café and having a fresh breakfast or lunch near the Victoria Harbor in Kowloon. The cool wind with slight grass smell after the spring rain made me feel so alive and reborn. We normally go to HK for different food and go shopping like everyone, such as in HMV for hours looking for our favorite CDs, or be ease in hotel enjoying the luxury bubble bath, or go to have a good bite in a nice restaurant. Hong Kong for us is a relaxing place and can experience the variety choices which can not find in Guangzhou.

HK is a multicultural city and we love travelling there at the weekend.



很多人去香港购物,我们去香港总是以休息为主。到九龙维多利亚港的法国小cafe店 – Delifrance 吃早餐,或买三文治,看着海港边,吹着海风,风中带有清新的泥土味,淡淡的春天气息,这个最好的休息方式。我们时而去香港爬山,或去购物,吃吃喝喝,香港太多选择了,这就是它东西方结合的好处,什么都有。香港是个国际化都市,周末去香港是我们最喜欢的短期休息。