Time Flies


Luckily I have past all my exams with my hard-work, and got some satisfied results during this year. However, I was not supposed to write something here because I am still doing my final revision. I think I might take a break from it.

During one year, I improved a lot in English Academic Studies and learnt incredible new things, as well as meeting so many friends in London. I have to admitted that studying in the UK is hard that is why I put so much effort on it . I enjoy living in London which is a fantastic metropolitan city with never ending restaurants, shopping, drinking and night-life. I don’t think I never will feel tired of living here.

Anyway, John, Miwa and I went to eat some Indian food for rewarding our hard studying. Sometimes you just want to eat some big spicy curry dishes and there were so delicious and tasty. Friends and I went to have some Spanish food in Soho on Friday night, it was very tasty and reasonable. Good food, good life, then happy day for me! Some updated pictures here.



为了奖励大家的辛苦学习,今晚我们去吃了印度菜,约翰吃不了辣,点了超级大的牛肉汉堡加烟肉,但我和日本朋友点了超辣的咖喱牛肉,美和点了咖喱虾,喝上黑啤,真是享受。有时候你就是特想吃辣辣的咖喱!周五又和好朋友去吃西班牙菜,享受辛苦的奖赏的! Cheers!有更多的照片

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