Bone Daddies Ramen Restaurant


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I heard latest Bone Daddies ramen restaurant in Soho few times and after tried Shoryu Ramen, plus the cold snow weather, I have addicted to a warm pork broth good Japanese ramen. I decided to head to Soho to try … Continue reading

Burger and Lobster in Soho / Mayfair / Farringdon


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I heard of Burger and Lobster through food lovers’ blog few times and I found that my lobster craving found a place to satisfy it. As growing up in the coastal city, seafood was part of my every life when … Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!


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Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea. John said I never bought him a moon cake since … Continue reading

Hummus Bros in Soho


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Hummus Bros is a health restaurant famous for their home-made hummus. They offered hummus with different topping with pitta bread. Simple but super tasty! I ordered a big hummus with chunky beef and 2 pitta bread. John ordered the mushroom … Continue reading

Busaba Eathai Restaurant Review


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Busaba Thai Restaurant is owned by leading Asian restaurants Alan Yau. Alan Yau owned my favourite Chinese restaurants Michelin stars ‘Hakkasan’, middle range ‘Yauacha‘ and quick and good quality food ‘Chacha Moon‘ and Thai Restaurant Busaba Eathai. My friends Eileen took … Continue reading

Girls Catch Up Time


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After graduated, I haven’t seen Nicole for almost a year and a half. Since moved back to London and had a holiday in China, (which I am still adjust all the holiday pictures and will post it soon) our new … Continue reading

Morocco Food Review

Morocco Spice

I haven’t seen Miwa from Japan since I returned from China, so we went out on Saturday night. All of my good friends love eating and trying various nationality food in London. We discovered a restaurant in Soho called Maison Touareg .

I haven’t tried Morocco food before and I know the food is very popular and delicious. It is famous for their lamb and chicken. John can eat chicken, and I love lamb, so we give it a try.

Food is absolutely delicious and interestingly, you also can order those water-pipe (nor sure the real name.) I gave it 4 stars out of 5. Price is reasonable. Appetite is from £3, main course from £12, and wine is from £17. Each we paid £18, not bad indeed.

Time Flies


Luckily I have past all my exams with my hard-work, and got some satisfied results during this year. However, I was not supposed to write something here because I am still doing my final revision. I think I might take a break from it.

During one year, I improved a lot in English Academic Studies and learnt incredible new things, as well as meeting so many friends in London. I have to admitted that studying in the UK is hard that is why I put so much effort on it . I enjoy living in London which is a fantastic metropolitan city with never ending restaurants, shopping, drinking and night-life. I don’t think I never will feel tired of living here.

Anyway, John, Miwa and I went to eat some Indian food for rewarding our hard studying. Sometimes you just want to eat some big spicy curry dishes and there were so delicious and tasty. Friends and I went to have some Spanish food in Soho on Friday night, it was very tasty and reasonable. Good food, good life, then happy day for me! Some updated pictures here.



为了奖励大家的辛苦学习,今晚我们去吃了印度菜,约翰吃不了辣,点了超级大的牛肉汉堡加烟肉,但我和日本朋友点了超辣的咖喱牛肉,美和点了咖喱虾,喝上黑啤,真是享受。有时候你就是特想吃辣辣的咖喱!周五又和好朋友去吃西班牙菜,享受辛苦的奖赏的! Cheers!有更多的照片