Hot Sunshine in London

hot summer July

It has been so hot in these days, but with some breeze, not like China, it was incredible humid. Sometimes I enjoy my scoop of the ice-cream from the ice cream man or some drinks in a cafe to have a rest.

It was shock to hear that Michael Jackson was passed away and he was a legend to a lot of people. Although I am not a fan of MJ, I remember one of my cousin used to play MJ’s songs when I was young, that’s all the memories I have for MJ.

Recently we run out movies and TV series, however, we don’t have much time in the evening. We have been thinking where to live in next year or what we will do in next year. We might move out city of London and live in the country side even though we both love living in the city of London so much. However, it’s another step to achieve something in our life. We will see…Wish us luck!


这几天进入夏天最热的时候,伦敦地铁没有空调的,因整个地铁系统已经有几百年历史,虽然热,但凉风阵阵。有时候天太热,街上有‘冰淇淋车’ 可以买冰淇淋吃,或是坐在cafe外面喝杯东西,享受着阳光,这就是我工作之余的休息方式。



2 thoughts on “Hot Sunshine in London

  1. Hello, Carmen! I got the mail, which is brilliant! =D
    Thank you so much!!!

    The climate changes extremely bad.
    I hope we all stay well with a healthy body.

    Enjoy the summer!!! XD Going to the sea is great too.

  2. Hey, good to hear that. Enjoy your Keane’s concert in HK and Singapore. I do look forward to back to China soon. See you in GZ in dimsum restaurant!

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