Swan Lake Ballet


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I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to … Continue reading

Hot Sunshine in London

hot summer July

It has been so hot in these days, but with some breeze, not like China, it was incredible humid. Sometimes I enjoy my scoop of the ice-cream from the ice cream man or some drinks in a cafe to have a rest.

It was shock to hear that Michael Jackson was passed away and he was a legend to a lot of people. Although I am not a fan of MJ, I remember one of my cousin used to play MJ’s songs when I was young, that’s all the memories I have for MJ.

Recently we run out movies and TV series, however, we don’t have much time in the evening. We have been thinking where to live in next year or what we will do in next year. We might move out city of London and live in the country side even though we both love living in the city of London so much. However, it’s another step to achieve something in our life. We will see…Wish us luck!


这几天进入夏天最热的时候,伦敦地铁没有空调的,因整个地铁系统已经有几百年历史,虽然热,但凉风阵阵。有时候天太热,街上有‘冰淇淋车’ 可以买冰淇淋吃,或是坐在cafe外面喝杯东西,享受着阳光,这就是我工作之余的休息方式。



Summer time


I do enjoy the sunny day and hot temperature in London, and it is hot, but as humid as China. I asked friends to come to my house and made some cakes together before they fly back to HK and Japan. We bought so many ingredients and made the pumpkin pie and chocolate trifle cake.

Vicky and Miwa enjoyed making cakes and we had so much fun, even though Vicky had some flower everywhere, and Miwa dropped an egg on the floor, it’s part of the fun and experience with friends. After 2 hours hard work, we ordered Papajohn’s pizza and watched some girl’s movie – He is not in too you. Then drinking and chatting until 1 am.

I enjoy the quality time with friends here in Summer day, cool breeze, hot sun, summer clothes, cool beer, good food and good accompany, then what a happy weekend. Here are some of our latest pictures.

I have been working hard to find a part-time job, had 2 interviews yesterday, but we will see the  results and I have work harder hunting on Monday. Tonight we will see Keane and Ladyhawke’s concert in Shepherd  Bush, I am so looking forward to seeing them.





我在努力找兼职呢,昨天有2份面试,不知道成不成功,英国兼职很难找啊,很多欧洲人来竞争,加上金融风暴,好在伦敦到处都是机会,周一再接再厉。今晚去听Keane 和 Ladyhawke的演唱会,约翰喜欢ladyhawke,等待疯狂的激情的夜晚终于来了。

Sex and the City Movie

Sex and the City Movie

As a big fan of Sex And The City, I have have been waiting to see the movie. London was chosen to host the premier, and all members of the cast showed up in Leicester Square on 12th May 2008. It’s a pity that I wasn’t arriving in the UK until the week after and so missed the chance to see them. Never mind, the movie opened to the public while I was there, and I did get chance to see it.

Love is complicated…

The movie is a continuation of the last season from TV, and begins by filling in the gaps of the time immediately after the close of the TV show. All the actors are very professional and give skillful performances in the movie. The movie contains different elements which will touch and break your heart, as well as give you joy. I will not say too much about the details of the movie, but you will find out when you watch it. Actually I was in tears several times for the humorous conversation, heart-breaking moments, happy unions, and especially the understanding of different kinds of love in the movie.

I enjoyed the movie so much and there are many moment I felt so connected. I guess the movie is also the end of our legendary story of Sex And The City series. Like the movie says: there are always perfect ending in fairy tales, but in reality, there is not always a perfect ending in our lives.

I gave it 4.5 stars of 5.

作为Sex and the City 忠实fans,我们期待已久的电影版终于上映了,虽然我赶不上12号他们来伦敦的首映,但上周末去电影院就让我一饱眼福了。



Sex and the City 就象是陪伴我们一起长大的故事,2008年这部电影也是对这部连续局10年来划上一个句号。象电影里面说的,童话故事都有完美的结局,但现实上不是每个人都有没有完美的结局,但当然我们还是要保持生活的积极态度。我们会想念这个传奇故事的连续剧,我们也会想念他们的服装,更想念曾经陪我们一起走过的岁月。

Dexter – The dark defender


I’ve been watching “Dexter” a lot recently and have to say that it’s become one of my favourite TV series. It’s based upon a novel and Michael C. Hall (of Six Feet Under “David” fame) plays the lead character so smoothly and perfectly that the accompanying stories grab your attention from the start.

The story is a little bit bloody, creepy, quirky, dark, and constantly gives you surprises; it’s an emotional and a psychological struggle. Unfortunately it’s only been released on American TV so far, and the story may be a little too risqué for TVB Pearl or ATV World. However, if you get chance then don’t miss this amazing show. I’m definitely looking forward to Season 2.

The story is about Dexter, a blood spatter specialist in Miami who investigates murders during the day and commits his own murders at night. Dexter isn’t just your typical serial killer though, he’s a vigilante killing those who seem to deserve it. At the beginning of the film Dexter tracks and violently murders a child molester. It makes it hard to hate him for his acts because he killed someone who deserved it.

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Breaking Tradition


More people are getting married during ages between 22 to 25 in Shantou. Like my Mum usual told a girl that when she is under 25, she can choose what man she wants to marry, because men are prefer young girls generally. However, it is a tradition that women reply on men and being passive. It is like hundreds years ago in the West, and it still exists that women grow up as a passive images to be chosen by men. As silly as my Mum, they don’t see women as intelligent as men, as long as women can find a good husband.

Nowadays, female have equal education and occupation choices and they don’t have to reply on searching men to get married because they are ‘young’. On the opposite, there are many failure marriages because of marrying too young or married the wrong one. When they are young, they have not experience enough and made a rush choice to be with someone. People should know whether they have ability to create a new family. It does exist that people are too young to marry a wrong one. Of course I also see many people had their happy marriages. I do think women are smart and capable to choose what they want, and whether they want to marry or not, regardless the age issues or social pressure either judgement.

Different people have different ideas about the issue. despite age or gender issues, this is about breaking tradition. It’s different valuation to choose. if something you choose for sure, keep walking on to search your happiness without complaining because it is your choice.

The reason inspired me to write this article is the movie Mona Lisa Smile which showed women were try to break through the tradition. The main character was a teacher, and her personality was influenced her female students. Instead of getting married after graduation, the female students can do whatever they want to achieve in their life, not just focus on marriage. Ideally we hope women can be a good wife and be successful in their career as well.






Breakfast at Tiffany— Think of it

Tonight I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany” again. I have watched it for third time now. It is based on Truman Capote’s 1958 novella of the same title, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1961), is the story of a woman on her own making her way in the big city. The novel has a completely different ending compared with the movie. The movie version has of course got a happy ending. It’s such a classical movie and most people have watched it and love it.

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S is quirky, funny, bewildering, serious, sophisticated and bittersweet — and as movies go, great entertainment.

I love all the dresses in the 60s.

Audrey Hepburn always got her typical hair style and dress. There is a fatty ginger cat who doesn’t have proper name, and is just called “cat”. It is so cute and really fat. I also love the theme song “Moon River”, when Audrey is singing it with a little guitar. It’s very romantic and peaceful. Nowaday, we can hear Jazz version “Moon River” all the time. It reminds me of this movie every single time I hear it.

The last conversations in the movie make me think all the time:

Are people really afraid to get married or settle down in one place, because they don’t want to be tied up. Of course not everyone does, but some of us do.

Are we called a free spirit or wild thing because we are terrified somebody’s going to stick us in a cage? Maybe we are in a cage we build ourselves. No matter where we go, we just end up running into ourselves.

Like Paul in the movie said and answered it —life is a fact, and people do fall in love. People do belong to each other; because that’s the only chance any body’s got for happiness.

Yes, I think so. We will find our soul mate and the right person in my life. What do you think?

Well. It’s quite right about it.

Tiffany 的早餐—令我陷入沉思?

今晚我再看了(Tiffany 的早餐)这部经典的电影,由奥大莉 * 赫本主演,故事讲—-在这部高雅而又风格独特的社会讽刺和苦乐参半的爱情故事中,奥黛丽-赫本成功的扮演了一个追逐百万富翁,亿万富翁的迷惘的姑娘,霍莉-戈莱特丽经历着人生的颠簸流离,努力寻找自己的位置,渴求属于自己的“理想的归宿”,然而现实是残酷的。在物欲横流的社会中,她绮丽的梦想一个接着一个的破灭消遁了。她的人性是矛盾的,既纯洁善良,但又时常近乎轻佻虚荣,她诚笃情痴,但又多愁善变,她既祈望未来,却又回顾止步。




象Paul 在故事中说的好,也回答了这个问题,生活是现实的,总有真爱的出现,彼此可以属于彼此,因这是唯一的东西让他们感到幸福. 我也觉得总会找到你的soul mate (真心人).