Preparing Christmas Gifts

preparing gifts

One more Christmas year is coming. Everywhere is full of Christmas promotion. John always thinks that it is annoying that people always promote Christmas that early. I guess it will be same feeling that I feel about Chinese New Year. Maybe I don’t experience much Christmas in the past, so rather annoying, I quite enjoy the atmosphere. Of course, it is also an excuse for me to shopping.

We bought some Christmas gifts for John’s families, and I am wrapping up today. Normally, we will travel to north and spend Christmas in Sheffield or Leeds, but Melanie (John’s sister) and Paul will spend their Christmas in Malaysia this year. Then it means John’s family will come down to London, and we will be the host. It also means that we need to cook Christmas dinner. Yes, I do need to practise my roasting turkey first.

John is not fussy about Christmas, however, I think it will be an exciting Christmas. I bought John’s winter-fleece pyjamas. Hope he likes it. Moreover, I also will send some cards and little gifts for my friends in China.

一年的圣诞又快来啦,哪里都是圣诞的宣传和折扣。约翰对圣诞没有什么特别的感觉,总觉得圣诞太商业化。也许象我们对中国过年没有那份热情一样。可能这是第2年在英国的圣诞,对我来说还是蛮有新鲜感的,到处都很多圣诞装饰,再说,也有很多圣诞shopping 折扣,对我来说,可以找借口shopping!



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