Christmas Day

I think we did pretty good on Christmas food even though it was our first time to cook Christmas dinner. The food was very tasty and nothing went wrong, so I was very pleased with them. Then we watched some movies and went to have a walk in the park. In boxing day, we went out in Westfield, but it was so crowed, so we went to have a walk in Holland park. To be honest, we did eat so much food and I am a little bit sick of food or eating out, which is unusual for me, because I am always in love with food. (was it sound too weird?) It did remind of me so much like the Chinese New Year – family and food.

I do think I need to on diet soon. But overall, I am quite happy with this Christmas holiday. I forgot to mention that I was so excited to receive so many Christmas gifts. 2010 is coming as well as our big day. Afterwards, we will move into new house hopefully in February. Hope everything is going smoothly and well. Wish everyone had a good Christmas.

我想今年的圣诞过的还是不错,虽然是我们第1次煮圣诞大餐,但一切都准备的紧紧有条。食物十分美味,我十分满足我们的烹饪技术。圣诞当天我们吃了大餐然后就去公园散步。晚上看这电影渡过,好像就像我们的中国新年吃吃喝喝然后无所事事。Boxing Day我们去商场逛街吃饭,啊?实在太多人购减价货品,我们就走了,去另一个公园散步。圣诞实在吃太多东西了,现在看到食物再美味,或想到出去吃饭都怕。


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