Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!


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Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea. John said I never bought him a moon cake since … Continue reading

2010 Christmas

Melanie (sister-in-law) was hosted Christmas in 2008, and it’s nice to host this year in our new flat in Leeds. It’s like our Chinese New Year and everyone was so busy to prepare food, gifts and the Christmas mood.

I was in charge of all the food except the Christmas Turkey and dessert. Paul (future Brother-in-law) brought a really nice organic turkey and it tasted so good. John was in charge of pudding, and he decided he made the rich chocolate truffle tote. After a big meal, we had a walk, then played a game. We had a fabulous Christmas in our house.

Christmas is always about family, food and laugh. Hope you had a good Christmas as well.

Christmas Day

I think we did pretty good on Christmas food even though it was our first time to cook Christmas dinner. The food was very tasty and nothing went wrong, so I was very pleased with them. Then we watched some movies and went to have a walk in the park. In boxing day, we went out in Westfield, but it was so crowed, so we went to have a walk in Holland park. To be honest, we did eat so much food and I am a little bit sick of food or eating out, which is unusual for me, because I am always in love with food. (was it sound too weird?) It did remind of me so much like the Chinese New Year – family and food.

I do think I need to on diet soon. But overall, I am quite happy with this Christmas holiday. I forgot to mention that I was so excited to receive so many Christmas gifts. 2010 is coming as well as our big day. Afterwards, we will move into new house hopefully in February. Hope everything is going smoothly and well. Wish everyone had a good Christmas.

我想今年的圣诞过的还是不错,虽然是我们第1次煮圣诞大餐,但一切都准备的紧紧有条。食物十分美味,我十分满足我们的烹饪技术。圣诞当天我们吃了大餐然后就去公园散步。晚上看这电影渡过,好像就像我们的中国新年吃吃喝喝然后无所事事。Boxing Day我们去商场逛街吃饭,啊?实在太多人购减价货品,我们就走了,去另一个公园散步。圣诞实在吃太多东西了,现在看到食物再美味,或想到出去吃饭都怕。


My First British Christmas


Merry Little Christmas!

We are in Sheffield and Leeds and spending Christmas with John’s family. It is my first real Christmas experience in the UK and I heard there will be a lot of food in Christmas day.

Finally it is Christmas day. We drove to Leeds where John’s sister Melanie hosted the dinner this year. We prawn and salad for starters, along with some wine. Then everyone pulls crackers and exchange gifts. This is strange as I always thought it was boxing day when you exchange gifts, but it seems I was wrong. Next is roasted vegetables (potatoes, beans, carrots, and parsnips), along with some bacon wrapped sausages, stuffing (a tasty bread mix) and some carrots and sprouts with butter. The food tastes so delicious, and finally the main Christmas star – is the turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce. To be honest I don’t know why turkey comes with fruit jam, but it is said that this is tradition. I think it is a weird conbination, but actually it tasted pretty good. After the main course everyone is so full, but I still want to try some trifle and the Christmas cake. You can imagine how full I am.

The next day we visit John’s grandmother and some relatives. It is just like our chinese new year – it is all about family gather with delicious food.

I know properly some people hate Christmas just like we don’t fancy Chinese new year gathering any more. It is like a duty rather than a thing we look forward to, but this Christmas for me is special and unique. I received many gifts and enjoyed it a lot.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and good luck in 2009. Here are the latest pictures for Christmas day!



圣诞节这天到了,我们开车到利兹,圣诞大餐在约翰的妹妹-梅乐尼家里举行。所有的菜都是梅乐尼和男友准备的,我们先吃开胃菜-大头虾沙律,然后大家喝酒聊天,拉圣诞花礼炮,一拉‘嘭‘一声,然后里面有礼物和笑话题,大家一起开心的交换礼物。在我印象中,总觉得是26号boxing day打开礼物的,但实际上是圣诞节当天。接下来是很多烤蔬菜,有胡萝卜,传统一定要吃的烤土豆,香肠卷着培根,圣诞配料(有洋葱,果仁,饼干,干果)放进土鸡里面一起烤,都超级美味!主角来了-圣诞土鸡!他们说要下点果酱和肉酱一起吃才野味,也是传统的吃法,觉得怪怪的,不过吃起来还可以。我们都吃得太饱了,不过还要吃巧克力蛋糕和圣诞蛋糕哦,巧克力蛋糕吃起来像提拉米苏一样,不太甜,很多忌廉和巧克力。圣诞蛋糕里面有很多酒和果仁酝酿一起的,6个月不断的下白兰地一起酝酿的,然后可以在圣诞蛋糕上点火,超好玩!从下午1点吃到3点,你可以想象我们有多饱。



Friends Celebrate Christmas


It was our last day in the first semester of the school and friends decided to celebrate in Spitafield Market in Liverpool Street last night. We went to the Latin Brazil Restaurant. The food was really good. We ordered some cocktails and had some laugh. We are glad that school was off and most friends are going to back their countries soon; so the dinner was also the celebration of the Christmas and New Year!

Christmas is coming – people are all busy preparing gifts and decorating their houses, and it feels like Chinese New Year! We will spend our Christmas with John’s family for a week, then we will back to London for new year 09. This year has been passing so quickly. Anyway, I am looking forward to experiencing my first Christmas in the UK. Here are some pictures with my friends

昨天同学说为了庆祝第一学期最后一天和提早庆祝圣诞,因为大多数的朋友都飞回家过圣诞!我们去了利物浦街吃饭,我很喜欢利物浦街的餐厅,就象香港的中环一样,时尚和充满活力。我们终于选了一个拉丁风情的餐厅,点了些鸡尾酒,小吃和正餐。我点了羊腿排,约翰点了拉丁鸡肉卷等。圣诞快到了,这段时间,大家都在忙于买礼物,装饰自己家,圣诞气氛很浓厚,就象我们的过年一样忙碌!我们会和约翰的家人一起过圣诞节,然后回伦敦过新年。还记得我姐和姐夫Marco 前年12月9号来广州,然后圣诞节在北京度过,现在又一年了。我们就放3个星期假,讨厌放假还要写论文。今年过得真快,一眨眼就过去了,很期待我的第一个英国的圣诞节。这是我和朋友一起吃饭的一些照片