Apple Ipad just released!

Apple Ipad just released yesterday in San Francisco. It is a very simple design – everything just a big touch screen. People said including me, that it looks like the big iphone. However, it is much powerful and advance than the iphone 3G. A everything-touch screen you can use to read books electronically, brown Internet easily, and type and email people like using the laptop, and you can play games, watch DVD in high definition, or organise and view your photo easily etc.

I can see that Ipad’s released will change the industries. But this is technology – whether it is updated or outdated. Moreover, it has unbeatable price: $499 for Wifi, or you can choose 3G ipad with contracts with phone companies. A single Amazon / Sony electronic book reader is cost the same price. Or it is considerable to have an Apple Ipad which had all the computer functions, including the book reader too?

There is no need for me to review the technical terms. A very good blog about Ipad fromStephen Fry is worth reading it. Stephen likes technology and like using Apple.

Some people are still talking about comparing the google-phone to the iphone. I think google needs a long way to reach Apple’s technology and designs. John before had skeptical about using PC or changing to an Apple. However, when we first bought an Apple Mini in 2005, and constantly using it, then we felt in love Apple’s products. It does simplify your daily life as we can not live without computer nowadays.

John has one 24 inch IMAC for his programming, Macbook Pro laptop for travelling and iphone for daily life. I have one Mac Book and Nano Ipod, and the Apple Mini is waiting to be sell. This is not showing off that how much Apple equipments we had, is more to say that once you love using Apple’s stuff, and you will continuously using it. And I do admit that we are a little bit crazy about Apple’s stuff. How could you not too?

This is not saying that we will also have Ipad soon as well for the sake of having it. It all depends do we necessarily need it or not? But for other people, it might be a good change.

(cover pictures from official apple website)

昨天最新的苹果Ipad在三藩市隆重推出一个全自动触摸的大屏幕。很多人包括我也在想,就像大型iphone一样,不过比iphone更先进,更多功能。Ipad 可以当成电子书籍阅读器,自动触屏去阅读杂志和新闻,同时也是自动触屏使用键盘,这完全改变我们需要实际键盘的需要,触摸即刻!也可以当DVD看高清录像,再可以组织和编辑你的旅游照片。既轻薄又多功能。

我可以想像到 Ipad即将改变很多科技工业的发展,但这就是科技,与时进步,这也推动企业更以先进的科技发展。再说,Ipad 更有无懈可击的价格 -wifi才是499美元,或是买3G的Ipad,然后和电信公司签约。索尼或amazon的电子书籍阅读器就要一样的价格了。为何不选择苹果的 Ipad呢?苹果的市场策略就是,价格实惠,但永远不会因时间而改变价格。

这里就不用我介绍所有的功能。被封为英国的多才多能的Stephen Fry 用了4遍文章介绍了苹果的Ipad,你可以阅读下。Stephen喜欢科技的东西,也喜欢用苹果的东西。有些人还在讨论google发明的手机好还是iphone好?我想google的科技发明还要走一段路才能比的上苹果技术和设计。我们之前也对苹果机有一定的怀疑,不晓得真的那么好用。自从05年买了第一台苹果机,之后我们就开始爱上苹果的东西。

约翰因为工作需要,他有1台24寸imac,一个macbook pro手提和iphone;而我只是简单的mac book手提和nano ipod播放音乐,我们还有要卖掉的苹果mini。这里不是说明我们有很多苹果的东西,而是说明了,一但你用了apple的东西,你就爱不舍手,让你的生活简单化。当然,这不代表我们也要买个Ipad,要看我们真正的需要它不,不过价格真的十分便宜。但给其它需要新电脑的朋友,何尝不考虑下呢? (照片封面来自苹果官方网站

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