Home-made Shantou (my home-town) classical dishes


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Slow-cooked five spice pork belly with tofu and cooked egg recipe is super popular in my hometown. It is a must-have dish in every family table. I seldom cook it because John doesn’t like fatty food, but I truly adore … Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!


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Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea. John said I never bought him a moon cake since … Continue reading

Hyper Japan 2012 in Earls Court


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Laura and I went to Hyper Japan in Earls court 2012. It was a nice culture exchanged centre for Japan to the world. You can eat food there, buy some japanese authentic books, games or cutleries etc. Laura and I … Continue reading

Highgate Cemetery + Hampstead Heath


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It was a really hot day about 32 degree. John and I decided to visit the famous Highgate Cemetery. Normally if we were in China, this was really spooky and superstitiously wrong, however, it seems ok and respectful to visit … Continue reading

Chaozhou Trip (next to my home town)


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Chaozhou is famously known as one of the great cultural centres in the Lingnan region of China. Chaozhou culture is known worldwide as a unique part of world heritage. It’s one hour drive from Shantou (my home town). John always … Continue reading

Girls Catch Up Time


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After graduated, I haven’t seen Nicole for almost a year and a half. Since moved back to London and had a holiday in China, (which I am still adjust all the holiday pictures and will post it soon) our new … Continue reading

Swan Lake Ballet


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I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to … Continue reading

Tandis Persian Restaurant Review


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It was John’s birthday today, however John and I don’t really fussy about our birthday at all, and it’s just another day to let ourselves to have excuses to eat out somewhere. John saw a Persian restaurant next to us … Continue reading

Back to London

It’s good to be back in London, and call this marvellous city once again our home. I enjoyed our Leeds life, and also made a lot of incredible friends. Norther people dislike London for reasons, just like Souther people tease Northerner about their accents. I take it as different culture and I really appreciate the various culture backgrounds among this country.

After all the hard working moving and driving from North, we finally settle down and had time to relax in our new home and new area.

North London is always the first choice for John if we want to live in London, so at the end, we are living in North West London next to Primrose Hill. While we enjoy the area in Spring and Summer, we will fully make use of the area to offer. John and I said that so far, we don’t need to central London at all, because all the restaurants and shops in Camden have already kept us occupied.

Polish Food and Culture

Karolina is my working colleague, and we bond to each other so quick after few months working. She loves Chinese food more than I do sometimes. Both of us are seafood’s lovers, and normal I always invite her to my place, so I can cook good seafood for her. In the past few days, we had the most amazing Karaoke, German sausage nights together, and she decided to cook Polish food for me today as well.

She told me that they don’t do lunch, and normally they eat breakfast at 11am, then have a late afternoon big dinner, then have a small sandwich at night. This is Polish food culture. It was quite weird, but weird because we get used of three time meal system.

Karolina cooked a slow-cook beef with wild mushroom with some polish rice, and drink was butter-milk (sour yogurt) together. It was beautiful and they normal eat with a big portion as well. It was lovely to try some real Polish food without travelling there. That’s why I love living in different places, because you always meet some wonderful people from all over the world.

I am a lucky girl who always meet gorgeous people. It was the best few days in Leeds with all my friends together.