Moved from London to Leeds…

We decided to leave London and living in Leeds for a year to experience different cities of the UK. It has been two years for me leaving in London. It was sad to leave the charming London and my friends. However, life is always on the move.

We live in the financial city centre Wellington Street in Leeds, and 5 minutes walk to the shopping centre, thus easily to find many restaurants and supermarkets for us. Location is perfect. Besides, the most exciting me is the our new apartment. It is 8 floor high, new, modern, spacious with 900 sqt with en-suit, plus one supermarket is just downstairs. What’s more, I got a fantastic huge wardrobe to fit all my clothes and shoes. John got a big spacious office room. This is exactly what we need.

In early March, we moved to the apartment and started to clean and made our home in Leeds. Leeds for us was a complete stranger, only John’s sister lives in Leeds. But I am sure we will explore the Yorkshire well in the future. Hopefully after all settling down, we will buy a car soon and start our adventure journey.

I love our new flat and new life – so many excitements to discover!

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