Warpaint Concert


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Warpaint is a four-girls group from American. After listening their two main albums, which were ‘The Fool’ in 2010 and ‘Exquisite Corpse’ in 2009. I really enjoy their music. Their style is quite rock and alternative comparing with other girl … Continue reading

Back to London

It’s good to be back in London, and call this marvellous city once again our home. I enjoyed our Leeds life, and also made a lot of incredible friends. Norther people dislike London for reasons, just like Souther people tease Northerner about their accents. I take it as different culture and I really appreciate the various culture backgrounds among this country.

After all the hard working moving and driving from North, we finally settle down and had time to relax in our new home and new area.

North London is always the first choice for John if we want to live in London, so at the end, we are living in North West London next to Primrose Hill. While we enjoy the area in Spring and Summer, we will fully make use of the area to offer. John and I said that so far, we don’t need to central London at all, because all the restaurants and shops in Camden have already kept us occupied.

Hiking on Grassington – North Yorkshire

Mel, Paul and us decided to go to hiking on Grassington of north yorkshire at last weekend we were in Leeds. It’s my first properly hiking since we went to Haworth last time. It was really peaceful and enjoyable to explore in nature with wild animals and beautiful scenery.

I know living in such a country is John and a lot of people’s dream. I do like it in the future, but not now. I guess I am still a city girl.

Aagrah Indian Restaurant

It’s bizarre that you can easily find a really authentic Indian restaurant in North, especially Bradford and Leeds. I found Bradford sometimes like London’s Brick Lane.

Mel and I did go to Aagrah underneath BBC in Leeds once. The restaurant has an impressive luxury decor, however food is a reasonable price. Food was full of spice and flavours with a generous portion. Overall it’s pretty good.

On last Saturday night, we forgot to book a tablet and couldn’t find a restaurant anyway in Leeds City Centre except waiting for an hour. Then we drove passed Aagrah In Bradford, then we decided to try it again.

The restaurant in Bradford was not as luxury decor as the BBC one, but it has 3 floors, and surprisingly the first floor was almost full. It’s the most gigantic indian restaurant I had seen so far. We ordered a lot, but because it’s quite late,(about 10pm) and with their generous portion, all of us couldn’t manage to finish them all. Over all, it’s 3.8 of 5.

Farewell Leeds, Back To London

We have been living in Leeds for a year, and it’s a tremendous good experience to live in the North. Being able to access the North Yorkshire such as Yorkshire Dale, York, Harrogate, Haworth etc, many old traditional towns and villages are a great experience to live and travel to. Not mention that it’s also sweet to live somewhere near John’s family, and we had a lot of family gathering.

From central London moved to Leeds, then moved back to central London again, people must think we are crazy. Maybe we are. I guess that wherever you got a better opportunity, wherever you will be. John and I are not scared of changing, and of course it could be tiresome sometimes.

I met a lot of new colleagues who became my good friends in Leeds. I am sure that life in Leeds without them is not the same, and friends are such an important part of my life. It’s sad to leave them, but we will always be friends wherever we are.

We will live in Chalk Farm North West of London, 8 minutes walk to Primrose hill and Regent Park which is a fantastic area to access to pubs, restaurants, central london, shopping, and Camden market. I think we will spoil ourselves a lot just by eating and having fun in our new area. We are very looking forward to have another exciting life in London again. I don’t think I am tired of London yet, but life has different priorities, and it requires changing all the time depends on those priorities.

Look forward to back to London

Knaresborough Trip

Knaresborough is not far from Leeds and Harrogate. It is a beautiful sunny weekend, and feels like Spring, so we decided to have a small trip and re-visit Knaresborough again.

It is a really pretty town with a magnificent view with rivers, mountains and a lot of parks. It is a very nature countryside town like Bakewell town. However, if let me choose to buy a house, I think I still prefer Harrogate and Ilkley.

Champagne In Harvey Nicole

Mel, Alex and me decided to have another night out. I always enjoy our girls night with a lot of chatting and wine. We went to Harvey Nicole for our first Champagne bottle, then we went to 2 popular pubs in city centre for our cocktails (don’t know their names, but was fun even though it was a raining night)

I do like girls night with cocktails or champagne and girls sharing. It was a fun night and always so nice to hang out with Mel and Alex.

Red Chilli Restaurant for Chinese New Year

After craving for some dumplings in Chinese New Year Eve, I dragged John to have some Chinese food yesterday. John teased me said I just had an excuse to eat more food. It’s true, and how naughty I am. We had been to Cantonese Ho’s restaurant a lot of time. If you need to eat dumplings, the best dumpling is from the North region of China.

There is a Norther spicy food in Leeds City Centre called Red Chilli, which is quite famous. We went and ordered some northern food. Price is a little bit expensive, but food is not bad as well as service. We tried few dishes, and it was very authentic. Overall 4 stars of 5.

We properly ate too much and enjoy lovely Chinese New Year Eve dinner in Red Chilli.