‘Made In Camden’ Restaurant

Made in Camden restaurant is next to the trendy roundhouse (Music concert place in Camden Town). We always walked pass and it looked nice and smelt nice, so we decided to have lunch there. Their menu changes every month and it’s kind of modern French style menu. It’s fancy and simple, but not overloading the flavour.

The décor is simple, modern and open space. It gets very busy at the weekend or when some concerts are on. I ordered a BBQ beef Brisket with sour cream and it came with a piece of home-made bread, salad. It tasted incredible and so much flavour and even I could taste it when I am writing it. It’s simple and elegant food. However, it was a little bit expensive – £8 for lunch menu, but it’s really good dish. John ordered a vegetarian Leek with mustard dish and he said it’s very tasty too. This is a really good sandwich, but not traditional sandwich. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5.

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