Kura in Knightsbridge – 藏家日本料理

Kura is located in Knightsbridge shopping area and next to Hyde Park. It is a family run restaurant and the location is a little bit hidden but famous for their home-made fresh Japanese food. The owner was helpful and could help you to introduce the latest or famous dishes.

The owner offered me a hot green tea which is normal Japanese way in the restaurant, if you don’t fancy drink any alcohol. I ordered a BBQ beef as a starter and a traditional pork Ramen. The beef was almost raw with BBQ flavour, but was delicious good and tasty. The Pork Ramen was simple but tasty. The noodle was home-made and full of flavour, and I also finished the whole soup too.

The price is quite pricy maybe because its location, but the food was stunning and the service was good too.

I think I like Japanese food too much and hopefully I can live in Japan and eat a lot of Japanese food in the future.

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