New Year London Tour

After Christmas, we bought John’s Mum back to London with us for 2 days. She has been visiting us in London few times in a year and it was nice to show her around London different parts of London as we lived in East, North and now West of London. Basically we just walked around in the local area and took her to Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Westfield. Then walked to Notting Hill and Holland Park.

Next day we walked around Chiswick, then went to Chelsea to visit National Army Museum. The museum entrance is free and there are four levels and different period of the war times etc. There are many things to explore, and it is a perfect for family or tourist a small day trip. Then we went to have an amazing lunch at Pembroke in Earls court / Kensington. This is not a normal pub! It looked normal but they have a proper restaurant inside and the food is just outstanding whenever we visit. Simple but super tasty and unique favour!

We all enjoyed our short trip and lunch and back home for relaxation. Hope everyone enjoy your new year day and the firework in New Year Eve!

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