New Year London Tour


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After Christmas, we bought John’s Mum back to London with us for 2 days. She has been visiting us in London few times in a year and it was nice to show her around London different parts of London as … Continue reading

Hampton Court


Hampton Court called The Great Hall, which is England’s greatest medieval hall and one of Britain’s oldest theatres. William Shakespeare’s company performed there in 1603-4. It is famous also because it was one of Henry VIII’s palaces in 16 century. It is unmissable to not visit it if you love the historical of England’s buildings and architectures.

We went to visit Hampton Court after watching one of my favourite TV series The Tudors.It took 1 hour by train to get there and we had a picnic at lunch, and then walked around the court for at least 3-4 hours. It is an enormous palace with many pretty gardens – even have a grape garden to make wine for Henry VIII. It still remains the same looking kitchens, beds, entertaining rooms as well as gardens in the period of Henry VIII. It was a great trip and it makes me feel that was it like in the old days. There are some pictures here.



因亨利八世BBC连续剧,我决定来汉普顿宫殿参观下。大概一个半小时的地铁到车程,我们先在花园野餐,然后再进入宫殿。里面超级大,就花园就有4-5个不同形状和主题的花园,还有葡萄园 – 据说亨利八世自己种的葡萄,然后运酿成葡萄酒。当时英国也有很好的葡萄酒。