Muse War Child at Shepherd Bush Empire

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John told me that Muse got a small concert for War Child on 18th Feb in Shepherd Bush Empire. Muse nowadays all got stadium size concerts, and able to see them in such a small venue, that is my dream to be come true. We saw them in HK 2007, and it was amazing concert!

With John’s magic finger again, he got two standing tickets, and I tried to buy it at the same time, but failed. I saw twitter said all the tickets sold within 44 seconds once it opened. It is unbelievable to know that we got Muse’s tickets.

We went there early and it was a damn cold night. Standing queueing for 3 hours with my 4-month-pregnant condition was not ideal. However, the thought of seeing Muse, it was all worth it.

The warm-up band was The Vaccine. They were ok, but not our type. When 9:30pm, Muse came out and fans including us were absolutely crazy. They sang new songs and old songs. It was such a great concert.

I am still so trilled to see them in such a small venue and actually can see their face as well.  I remember John first time introduced Muse to me in 2005, I was not kind of their music and thought it was too rock for me. After few years, the more I listen to their music, the more I understand it, and become one of their hard-core fan.  There are so many styles in their music, and you never get bored of listening each song hundred times – it combines heavy rock, melancholy rock, electronic, piano, classical and orchestra etc. Every song is dynamic, vivid, lively and so many variety, and unpredictable. You can not believe that all these music were created by three guys!

Muse definitely is one of the best bands in the world. When you see their live stream in youtube, one of my fan was not, standing and singing their songs loud! it was absolutely ‘Madness’…as one of their song!

MUSE WAR CHILD LIVE we recorded in here youtube. 

The whole LIVE concert was on youtube live stream – Musewarchild.


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