My Old Dutch Pancake Restaurant


We went to high street Kensington for food shopping, and saw a really big pancake restaurant. My old dutch restaurant has been there since 1958. It was full of family and tourists. It was pancake day 1-2 week ago, and we decided to drop by to try their pancake.

We ordered a chocolate banana ice-cream pancake. It was huge package with fresh banana and ice-cream. It was delicious, however, our pancake was lightly burned underneath. I think they really should change the pancake once it has burned. All we can taste was the burn pancake. (We should get change, don’t know why we didn’t)! This is not professional at all, if the pancake shop has been there for long time, should have a good reputation. But otherwise, tasted really good!

They got different variety of pancakes! This is the best way to have your breakfast or brunch!

3.5 out of 5 if my pancake wasn’t lightly burn!

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