Muse War Child at Shepherd Bush Empire


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  John told me that Muse got a small concert for War Child on 18th Feb in Shepherd Bush Empire. Muse nowadays all got stadium size concerts, and able to see them in such a small venue, that is my … Continue reading

Citizens! – Here We Are


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Discovered Citizens! when we saw Two Door Cinema Club’s concert as their warm up band. They performed half an hour only, but they were amazing and very impressive! Music is very alternative too. We bought the album and it is … Continue reading

Two Door Cinema Club new album


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Two Door cinema club released first album in 2010 <Tourist History> and it was a great album. They have just released the second new album called <Beacon> on coming 3rd Sept, Pre-listen from their website. Since I listened it the … Continue reading

Ladyhawke at Shepherd’s Bush Empire


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John really loves Ladyhawke’s music when he heard her first album. There is a little bit 80s style and really up bit and rock. But I was not really sure about her. However, the more I listened to her first … Continue reading

Baby From Warpaint

Warpaint‘s latest album called ‘The Fool’ is really good. Their style is melancholy rock / indie and always make you sink into the your deep thought. It got a dark and sad energy, but still alternative rock. Like their both albums ‘ The Fool (2010) and Exquisite Corpse (2009)’.

The song ‘Baby’ always remind me of someone when I dated with someone  – young and passionately. Youth was full of colour and adventure. Even I am still young, sometimes I don’t think I have much energies before. life is full of with reality and I always try my best to live a reality life with passion.

Don’t you call anybody else baby ’cause I’m your baby still.
It took a long time to make it, but I never changed my mind.
I never tried to fake it, never drew a line.

Don’t you call anybody else baby ’cause I’m your baby still.
Took a long time to make it, but I never changed my mind.

You speak your fears, thinking in circles and checking what mirrors don’t see.
You live your life like a page from the book of my fantasy.
How I love you.

The XX

John introduced me that there is a really young band and they got an alternative album called the XX. I listened few times, and I really like it. It’s like an unknown underground band, but they are very talented and creative. Really like their album. Good simple alternative music. High Recommend. You can hear them in their MySpace.

Plushgun – Pins & Panzers

Knowing Plushgun from a radio called The Sixtyone and listened their ‘Just Impolite’. They are from New York, and music style like Postal Service. I always feel so happy when I listen their songs.

PIns & Panzers (2009) was a professional album, including electronic and alternative-rock elements. I can’t help listening it over and over again – especially ‘The Dark In You, and ‘Let Me Kiss You Now‘ such perfect songs. I always fall in love again when I listen ‘Let Me Kiss You Now‘; what a happy cheerful song! I really like their music and hope they continuously produce more good music. Highly recommended.

You can hear their songs in their Myspace and Spotify.

Kent (2010 album – En Plats I Solen)

Swedish band Kent released En Plats I Solen for few weeks now, and I bought them in itune last night. After listening to them, I love every single song. Every song is different style.  The previous album Rod was a new revolution for them. It was more electronic rather than alternative or rock. However, En Plats I Solen is combined electronic and rock and it is absolutely one of Kent’s best albums. Apparently, this album is few weeks No. 1 album in Sweden and the whole Scandinavia. They deserve to be the No. 1.

Knowing Kent since 2005, and ever since, they always surprise fans – innovative but still keep their own style. Even though I don’t know Swedish, it doesn’t matter – there is no language boundaries when it comes to good music. Kent’s style is like Mew, and it is same style music I always like. I don’t like all the rock, but I do like Kent, Mew, Muse, Miike Snow, Metric a lot. (looks like any bands with the M)

Some people said Rock is too rock or violent, but sometimes I always listen rock /alternative music, there  are so many complicated feeling inside you – melancholy, rebellious, freedom, love and hate and live in the dream. It’s such a complex feeling when you listen to this album. I make me want to cry, want to dance, want to have a holiday or want to scream, but it makes me happy.

You can listen their album in their Myspace, or Spotify (only UK) but it definitely worths to buy it. Love Kent’s every single album. It deserves a 5 stars. John and I really want to go to Sweden and see Kent’s concert in our life time!

瑞典乐队Kent 2010年推出了新专集 - En Plats I Solen,昨晚才在 itune 买了他们的新专集, 这几天反复听着这张新专集,实在爱不释手。这张专集里面的每首歌曲都是不同风格。前张专集 Rod 完全是个创新,整张是电子摇滚居多,他们尝试了不同类型的音乐。 Rod 那张专集我也喜欢,Kent 永远不令歌迷失望,永远敢于创新,不限制自己的风格,但又不失去自己的特色。En Plats I Solen 是alternative, indie 摇滚和电子的2体合一。这张专集这几个星期都是在瑞典和北欧居排名第1 。

从2005听过Kent的所有专集之后,一向都是他们忠诚的歌迷,每张专集都没有令我失望过。虽然我基本听不懂瑞典歌词,但好音乐是没有语言障碍,你随着音乐而起舞,你整个人陶醉在音乐世界里,语言只是符号,旋律才是好音乐的根。我喜欢Mew的原因很多都是Mew和Kent是蛮相似的音乐类型风格。不是所有的摇滚我都喜欢,我要看什么样的摇滚 - Kent, Mew, Muse, Miike SnowMetric我都超级喜欢。听着他们的歌,有时候摇滚给我是种复杂说不出的感觉 - 忧郁的,反叛的,追求自由,爱与恨和活在自己的音乐空间,有时候,听着听着他们的歌曲,会让你想哭,会想你跳起舞,会让你度假的假期更加完美,不过好音乐都让你感到开心…这就是我爱他们音乐的原因。我和john一定要去瑞典看他们的音乐会,这是我的梦想!

你可以在他们Myspace试听他们的歌曲,或Spotify 英国IP才可免费无限试听。但这张专集我绝对推荐。看看你们喜欢不?我给5星,绝对是我最爱之一!