Max Raabe & Palace Orchestra

Last night we went to Xinghai concert to watch Max Raabe & Palace Orchestra . Max Raabe, as lead singer of the group, got his ultra-smooth baritone voice singing German music in a 1930’s style. His ensemble, the Palace Orchestra, includes a gowned violinist. Their performance combined a sense of humor with up-tempo and down-tempo songs, and Raabe’s face always had the mysterious smile when he was singing.

Raabe presented a rainbow of 26 songs, ranging from old soundtracks, jazz songs, and even two Chinese folk songs (“Small River is Running” and “Jasmine Flower”), both of which were performed in Chinese. This surprised the audience and caused a big applause.

We did enjoy this concert. It was a very nice performance, and broke our expectations of it just being traditional jazz. Living in the big city means you have more chances to explore different musical cultures.



马克思·哈勃以轻快的方式演唱德国的经典爵士歌曲,他非常的渴望用他那富于变化的男中音演绎一些独特的音乐。他们以自己得方式创造出独特的爵士音乐,一首Check to Check, 一首中国云南名歌(小河趟水)让全场掌声响起, 到最后各个都要 Encore.



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